Announcement of the obstruction of the international domain name registration affected by the Taiwan

by the Taiwan earthquake affected the international domain name registration blocked notice

dear users: Hello

Beijing time at 20:26 on December 26th and 34 points, Taiwan area occurred in the earthquake of magnitude 7.2 and 6.7. Affected by the earthquakes, responsible for domestic and international network connected submarine cable interruption (see specific reports communication), domestic and overseas have been seriously affected. Therefore, our company and the international domain name business acceptance have been seriously affected, and business includes: international domain name registration, renewal, change information etc.. The phenomenon may continue for a period of time until the cable recovery, the inconvenience to you, we apologize! At the same time, our company is actively looking for, test other Internet lines, in order to facilitate the expansion of the international domain name related work, once the service recovery, I will notice the company in the first time.

      thank you very much for your support and understanding of our company!
    if you have any questions, please feel free to contact with the new network affiliates around. Staff will be the first time for you to answer. And do our best to help you deal with the relevant business.


December 28th

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