Pinterest history four years of ups and downs of sword

review: May 3rd Beijing time news, business insider website (BusinessInsider) recently wrote about a picture of social networking sites Pinterest rise of history. The article points out that Pinterest was founded four years, experienced the failure of the product, the last overnight fame.


summary of the full text is as follows:

‘s most popular small start-up is the photo collection site Pinterest, which has been loved by millions of American women.

How hot it

? When Facebook in April 9th to $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, technology blog AllThingsD reporter Peter Kavka (PeterKafka) micro Bo said, so Pinterest is now worth $5 billion?? $10 billion? His colleague Cara Swisher (KaraSwisher) responded well, big numbers. There is also a voice that Pinterest will become the next Facebook.

its success seems too sudden. If you look at the trend of Google will find that search keywords Pinterest until 2011 before the real appearance, after the blowout. But Pinterest was not established in 2011, or 2010, or in the year of 2009. Pinterest started four years ago, just as the recession began in 2008.

there was another name for the site, and the chief executive was different. It has four Co founders. Two of them are out of the company. Third co founders only joined last year.

In fact,

and a Pinterest investor personal relationship said, Pinterest is four years of sword, overnight. Here is the story of the sequence of events.

shopping app Tote failed

August 2008, Paul Sarah (PaulSciarra) resigned from the Vc firm in New York RadiusCapital work. On the west coast of the United States, his college classmate Ben Xiboerman (BenSilbermann) also quit his job at Google. Then they started a company called ColdBrewLabs (low temperature brewing lab). The company had third co founders, but he was a student. Two weeks after the company was founded, he left the company and went back to school.

Xiboerman is petite, quiet demeanor, dark skin, short black hair. He is very thin and has an artist’s style. One of his investors said that Xiboerman is a very modest person, speak softly.

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