7Year Old Boy Wins Then Loses a Harrier Jet on eBay

first_imgThe Harrier jet – most often used by the British Air force and the US Marines – isn’t too much to look at, but it’s one of the few aircraft in military service that are capable of traditional takeoffs and landings but can also angle their jet engines to take off and land vertically in small spaces. And one unnamed 7-year old London boy surfing eBay for what could probably be the coolest possible way to get to school in the morning decided that it had to be his. Upon seeing the eBay auction for the Harrier Jump Jet, which proudly served in and still bears the markings of the British Royal Air Force, the boy hit “Buy it Now” and subsequently put himself and his father in debt for over $113,000 USD (the Buy it Now price was £69,999.) Once his father found out what the boy had done, he immediately contacted Jet Aviation Limited, the company charged with selling the surplus Harrier, to let them know there had been a mistake. Sadly, the 7-year-old boy will have to go without his jet-fueled ride to elementary school, but the folks at Jet Aviation Limited were more than appreciative of all of the additional attention the news brought to their listing. The company subsequently re-listed the jet to dozens of bids, and since the new listing is gone now, we can only hope the Harrier has sold and is on its way to a good home. [via MyFox Chicago]last_img

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