Sony expected to announce 12GB PS3 Super Slim console

first_imgBack in July a number of images leaked of a brand new PlayStation 3 console carrying the model number CECH-4011B. It looked much smaller than the current CECH-3000 model many of us have under out TVs and it is being referred to as the PS3 Super Slim.Sony has a history of updating its console hardware and in the process making it smaller by combining internal components. But in the case of the PS3 Super Slim it is thought Sony went a step further and has replaced the hard drive with a small amount of flash memory.The Super Slim was expected to ship with 16GB of storage, but a German retailer has apparently posted on Facebook that the final amount will be just 12GB. They also believe Sony will be launching the Super Slim in October after officially announcing it at the Tokyo Games Show, which starts on September 20.12GB doesn’t sound like a lot of storage, but it does give Sony one big advantage: they can set the price of the console quite low. And just like the Wii U, adding additional storage through a USB stick or external hard drive is a simple task and quite cheap to do.The question now is, how cheap is the PS3 Super Slim going to be? The current 160GB PS3 is $250, so Sony may select a $150 price point. If they really wanted to put the pressure on Microsoft though, and over shadow the Wii U launch in the process, a $99 PS3 Super Slim would fly off the shelves.via Game reactor (translated)last_img

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