Skrillex Quest infuses dubstep with classic 8bit gaming

first_imgIf you like dubstep, classic RPGs, and 8-bit gaming, you’re in for a treat. Web game developer Jason Oda, has created Skrillex Quest, a wonderful brew of all those things.It sounds ridiculous but it actually works. The story starts with a golden NES cartridge, but it’s got a speck of dust on it, resulting in a corrupted game world. Your character, P1, must defeat the glitches with your sword and save the gaming world all whilst listening to Skrillex’s music.Skrillex Quest is very much a homage to the NES classic The Legend of Zelda, going so far as bringing back memories of blowing on your cartridge to make the thing work. It’s just as simple to control — use the arrow keys to move around the areas and press the space bar to swing your sword — no mouse required!Jason Oda said the reason why he chose Skrillex’s music was because it “sometimes sounds like a broken videogame” so he was inspired by his lyrics to create this game. It’s not the first time he’s worked with a music artist either, Oda has also worked alongside Breaking Benjamin, Fallout Boy and the Chemical Brothers.If you’re looking for some time to kill at lunch, give Skrillex Quest a go, it’s free to play on your browser and it’s a great way to reminisce about the golden age of gaming. Expect to see a few references from that time period as well as experience some great funky music. If you really hate dubstep that much though, the mute button is your friend.Play it here, via Mashablelast_img

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