Goblins of the SpiderUniverseWill They Appear in Homecoming

first_imgStay on target Jake Gyllenhaal Avoids Questions About Mysterio in Sinister SixSony Pictures CEO Says ‘Door Is Closed’ for Now on Spider-Man Split Spider-Man Homecoming is just around the corner! While we don’t know much one thing we do know is that it is tied to the official Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which is simply good enough for most fans.One thing that put the nail in the coffin for our favorite web-slinger in theaters was his endless amount of villains. Studios are wanting more too quickly. Sam Rami’s third installment of the series showed the confusion on hand. Sony tried picking up the pieces when they rebooted the series with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Before they could get another installment in, red flags from reviews began to pop up all over. This would kill what was to be a larger look into Spider-Man’s most iconic enemies, the Sinister Six.After leaked emails stirred the pot at Sony, it felt like hard to obtain franchises quickly began to free up. Sony and Marvel came to an agreement to let Spider-Man swing into their popular main line pictures, only if Sony could still obtain the Spider-Man license to release stand alone films.In Homecoming, our main villain The Vulture is played by Michael Keaton. We’ve also heard rumors that The Tinkerer may be the one behind the Vulture’s mechanical suit. Plus room for a third villain, maybe teased for the next movie? My thought is, could it be the Green Goblin? Could it be any Goblin for that matter? Let’s break down some of Parker’s most vicious villains, The Goblins.GREEN GOBLINNorman Osbourn has always been a thorn in Spider-Man’s side. The owner of Oscorp has done despicable things to not only to Peter and his loved ones but to Norman’s son Harry Osbourn as well. The Green Goblin always seems to be Spider-Man’s main nemesis in any reiteration of his tale. We saw William Defoe portray the Green Goblin in Raimi’s films. Then years later, we are reintroduced to the Green Goblin in Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man films, only this time the baddie ends up being Peter’s close friend Harry Osborn. This was possibly the worst iteration of the character, more-so than Rami’s Robo Green Goblin. Why has the Green Goblin been so difficult to adapt to film? Both actors who portrayed Norman were diabolical. I honestly blame the look. The Green Goblin has always had a terrifying look to him. A pointed nose almost reaching a pointed chin, with an almost cartoon-like grin from ear to ear. Early makeup tests of Raimi’s Goblin (that are floating out there) show exactly how the character should have looked from the beginning. Could we see the return of Spider-Man’s most diabolical enemy in Homecoming? I honestly don’t think so. The character needs time to breath. I say Let the Sinister Six build throughout a few more films and have Norman step in to bring them all together. And for the love of Aunt May, give us the practical effects Green Goblin mask that we all deserve!HOBGOBLINWho is The Hobgoblin?! Either of the Kingsley twins? The Kingpin’s son, Richard Fisk? Ned Leeds? How about the Jason Macendale? The character of Hobgoblin has always been a conundrum for fans of the comics. So much so that the creators had a hard time pegging down the character to one identity. This is probably why we never saw an adaptation of Hobgoblin in any of the movies. Now would be a great time to maybe hang up the green cowl for the orange one. In Homecoming, give us a more vicious Goblin. One that is closer to the Macendale Hobgoblin where he is transforming underneath the mask. I’ve always enjoyed the Hobgoblin’s look over the Green Goblin. Plus I really enjoy that he uses actual jack o’lanterns and not cybernetic bombs. Though not very practical, there are ways of getting around this with magic entering the Marvel Universe with last year’s hit, Doctor Strange.DEMOGOBLINHave you noticed that each iteration of the Goblin gets more and more extreme? Some would say almost out of hand. The 90’s were an “edgy” time and with that came more edgy villains. Demo’s essence was fused with late Hobgoblin wielder Jason Macendale’s after he sold his soul to N’astirh for more power. After a battling Moon Knight and Ghost Rider, Hobgoblin was able to split off from his demon half, thus creating Demogoblin. An extreme hellfire version of his original goblin form infused with mystical powers. Obviously, we would not see Demo until Hob was thrown into the mix for a film adaptation. But even if they tried to get past that, involving the ‘Righteous’ storyline into the mix, would be a bit intense for a Spider-man film. This is also why we will probably never see Cletus Kasady in a Spider-Man film.GREY GOBLINDid you know Gwen Stacey and Norman Osbourn had twins? Marvel loves twins! Twins Gabriel and Sarah were in hiding until Peter Parker went to find them and tell them the truth about their deranged father. Spider-Man meets them on the Brooklyn Bridge, the same bridge Gwen on. Gabriel, being brainwashed by his father lashes out at Spider-Man thinking he is his father (yet another lie by Norman) tries attacking Spider-Man only to have police fire at them, wounding Sarah as she almost perishes the same way her mother did. Luckily Spider-Man rescues her and Gabriel runs off to infuse himself with the goblin serum after finding out that Spider-man was actually telling the truth, creating The Grey Goblin. This is one of the newest version of the Goblin. If used in Homecoming they would have to ditch the entire backstory as Peter is still a kid but would ultimately make no sense.JACK O’LANTERNThough, not a Goblin at all. Jack o’lantern controls Oscorp technology of his very own, flying around on a glider chucking pumpkin bombs like the Goblins before him. The original Jack o’lantern ends up being ex-CIA agent Jason Macendale, AKA: The Hobgoblin. Before dawning the Hobgoblin outfit, Jason became a hitman for hire after leaving the CIA. The beauty of Jason Macendale’s character is that he goes between both Hobgoblin and Jack o’lantern identities. These could be two brand new villain IP’s in one that Marvel has not even toyed with yet. Plus I feel each identity would look amazing in a new Spider-Man picture. Of course, there were other versions of Jack o’lantern in later comics. Steven Mark Levins, his brother, and Mad Jack. With these stories, the Jack o’lantern character gets very mystical having his head detach from his body and explode on enemies. I highly doubt we will see ol’ Jack in Homecoming. But if we did, I’d probably jump out of my seat in pure joy that this character as finally gotten the attention it deserves.So looking over all the Goblins, it looks as if Green Goblin still reigns supreme being the most cohesive villain for Spider-Man to battle. Though I’m confident that Sony will steer clear of the Goblin story for the first film and give Peter a more grounded storyline. I honestly didn’t even touch on Peter turning into a goblin himself and the over the top War Goblin army. Hell, even Ultimate Goblin would be a bit much for the film franchise. Honestly, I’m anticipating Jack to take us by surprise. But I’m not holding my breath.last_img

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