Jingdong Dangdang zero sum game continued fermentation price war or make the pattern change

Jingdong Dangdang price war began four smoke. Jingdong announced after the first book discount price of 20% after the sale, Dangdang and excellent network have also taken measures to cut prices. Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong broke the industry insider on micro-blog, said Dangdang attempted to ban Jingdong.

Dangdang said that this letter for the press to write their own, Dangdang employees through personal relationships to get this letter and sent to other publishers as a reference, nothing to do with dangdang. Since Jingdong launched in December 14th, all books products cheaper than competitors’ 20%, after the event, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing responded that Dangdang even cheap 1-2 yuan can not lose". Since then, the price war began to kick off.

until yesterday, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong and CEO Li Guoqing in micro-blog when you come to me, all exposed their book price incentives and their sales breakthrough. Thus, the smoke of war began to become more intense. In December 16th, the online book retail giant Amazon also joined, announced the "hundreds of thousands of bestsellers lower on the basis of the network of the lowest 20%". Landscape denies its competitors. At the same time, Jingdong mall is the price war to climax, CEO Liu Qiangdong said: to ensure that more than 20% cheaper, until the price dropped to zero". More at micro-blog said, you do not take back the hands of the national ban, the Jingdong will not return the price butcher sheath


IT famous commentator Chen Yongdong pointed out that the Jingdong’s price war is also a challenge for all the book sales business site. Because it is not only a "zero sum game", but also lose everything. Until the price down to zero, the statement is some of its network marketing and speculation and performance. Dangdang can not be led by the nose, Dangdang has been proposed by the service to win the idea that the price war began to turn to service war.

from the consumer point of view, regardless of the outcome of the price war, to bring consumers a lower price to enjoy. Industry insiders believe that the core of the electronic commerce is squeezing the profits of middlemen, because the middle part of the extra spending too much to pay the final consumer, Jingdong and Dangdang price war, if the birth of a new business model to reduce the intermediate link costs, profit to consumers, for consumers is a natural a good thing.

in the e-commerce chain, Jingdong is just a platform for e-commerce sites, it also represents the core strength of the entire e-commerce. E-commerce platform to build, relying on the benefits of the IDC industry to benefit the entire industry chain. It is understood that the comprehensive benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises of electronic commerce China Nobel global expert network of whole build e-commerce website, launched the design as the major companies in the United States and the establishment of economic package: the server offers international English domain.Com 1 68 yuan / year +150M WEB +2 10G user space space enterprise global mail price only 686 yuan / year. To inject new vitality into the entire e-commerce market. >

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