Some mistakes in the theory and practice of electronic commerce

In the discussion of the theory and practice of

, there are some mistakes in the academic circles.

a, electronic + business = e-commerce

"electronic commerce e-commerce + =" this proposition is wrong, one-sided understanding of e-commerce is simple "electronic business", while ignoring the characteristics of e-commerce is that, the profit model of effectiveness, management support and practical electronic technology, consistency, compatibility.

Analysis of

1 theory. E-commerce has created an unprecedented business opportunities for enterprises, so that enterprises in the business activities, customer communication, service and information feedback, collaboration and innovation on the enormous time and space competitive advantage. Advantage is not the result of "electronic + business". It must be based on the good internal and external e-commerce environment. Specific performance is as follows: first, the concept of renewal. Enterprises should realize that the application of electronic commerce is not only the application of electronic technology, the key is to change the local or global management mode, from the enterprise reengineering to the cooperation with customers and suppliers. According to the business needs of enterprises, analysis of their own management and the status of the industry, to accelerate the development and utilization of information technology, through electronic means to assist enterprises to effectively implement modern enterprise management. Two is the adaptation of practical activities. The enterprise must start from two aspects of business needs and technical means, do e-commerce planning, identify feasible business model, technology design and develop effective solutions, to maximize the enterprise management level and operational efficiency. Three is the operation innovation. The development of electronic commerce is the process of trying, failing, transforming and successful in all kinds of business models. Enterprises should focus on the needs of future development, play the characteristics and advantages of e-commerce, e-commerce system innovation.

2 practice test. A computer, a set of e-commerce software system, a website, or the establishment of the enterprise online profit model, the enterprise product information and service system on the Internet, coupled with the integrity of the enterprise is e-commerce. Currently, at least some of the companies think or do so. But it turned out to be wrong. China’s e-commerce technology compared with developed countries, there is not much difference, but the electronic commerce enterprises in our country are far behind them for 15 years, the fundamental reason is that China’s economic environment and understanding of electronic commerce limited. The development of commercial society in our country is in the initial stage and the transition stage. The management system, policies, laws and business ideas in e-commerce are lagging behind. The existing problems of IT level, communication facilities and cost, cost and consumer habits are difficult to be solved in the short term. Such as: a large logistics company in Guangxi invested 5 million yuan for enterprise information system reengineering. Due to the lack of understanding of the concept of e-commerce, their business positioning is not allowed, after the completion of the information system and the entire business unit of the lack of organic links, the whole

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