Shuangshier business promotional tricks to upgrade services into a bright spot


experts said: through the price war to seize the market is customary when businesses start practicing, but with the gradual maturity of the market, the focus of electricity supplier development will gradually turn to customer service.

– trainee newspaper reporter Chen Yanyan


, "double eleven" let the business enterprise sales soared, but then including many unsatisfactory logistics, customer service and other aspects, but also allow consumers to taste the bitterness of online shopping "".

with another online shopping Carnival "shuangshier" is approaching, the major electricity providers also have staged a "promotional" drama. And this time the electricity supplier is a variety of marketing techniques, people see dazzling. Taobao staged a "historical drama", Suning hit "public welfare" brand, Jingdong with "notorious", and so on, indeed make all the stops to please consumers.

visible after the crazy price war to seize market share, but because of losses in the scars of the electricity providers have begun to calmly plan the next move. Chinese online retail e-commerce research center director Mo Daiqing told the "Securities Daily" reporter the interview said: "the current e-commerce China is still in the primary stage of development, through the price war to seize the market is the business at the start of the customary practice. However, with the gradual maturity of the market, the focus of electricity supplier development will gradually turn to customer service."

Suning push 0 yuan purchase promotion

Double Twelve period, Suning to promotions showmanship. It is reported that from December 8th to 12 days, five days and five nights of large-scale promotional activities for the love of 0 yuan purchase, just bought red children will also join the 0 yuan to buy the big promotion. executive vice president Li Bin told the "Securities Daily" reporter, Suning in "twelve" during the promotional activities actually includes two parts: first, in December 1st to 7, as long as there is a consumer record effectively registered members, recharge easy to pay the full 300 yuan to 5 yuan general audience tickets; second in December 8th,, 0 yuan to buy 5 days and 5 nights of love in the end "large Thanksgiving activities officially opened, the operation is mainly in the form of consumers to buy 0 yuan to buy the product, the general audience tickets directly back to purchase equal, up to 300 yuan.

"0 yuan to buy this also input love concept, Suning and each selling a 0 yuan to buy the goods donated 1 yuan, not only will the maximum benefits will also benefit consumers, the concept of public service to their each user with this act; at the same time, micro-blog also launched the love forwarding activities, forwarding a, which pledged $1, this activity until 22 days from December 6th, the micro-blog in the online forwarding volume has reached 550 thousand times." Li Bin said yesterday in an interview with reporters.

"compared with the double eleven, December 0 yuan purchase activities will be more awesome." Li Bin further explained, we will hit the three most, one is the longest single month, the two will be held in December

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