The city people are playing Gome online Lao Li special smart appliances large collecting

see the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster buddy, presumably for which through the program control of smart appliances is impressive, without hands, remote preset bathroom water heater temperature, TV programs as free customization, a refrigerator washing machine remote control, automatic cleaning sweeping robot…… Perhaps you already on the legend of the smart home coveted endless hope to enjoy the convenient life of the smart era as soon as possible. But the high price of smart appliances and let you tangle, never mind, Gome online Li special strikes, November 18, 20 days, CEO Li Juntao personally selected electrical explosion models straight down, teach you fun intelligent life! The following Xiaobian to recommend several


smart TV: 49 inches SONY KD-49X8000C 4K TV

from the new members of the 4K family of SONY, SONY KD-49X8000C is a double 11 during the hot selling of the new popularity of 8000 units. Equipped with Android 5, 4K sharp fast processor chip powerful voice, high recognition rate of search Duang Duang hit! A premium price of 4399 yuan, more mobile phone or tablet computer audio and video sharing, multi frequency remote user interface switching application SideView hot open, to give you the ultimate smooth cool experience.


taste fresh sharp weapon: 575 liters of Haier BCD-575WDBI on the door refrigerator

has become one of the topics of the development of intelligent home appliance industry in China, during the double 11 selling 6000 units of the "taste" of fresh products, 575 liter Haier BCD-575WDBI on the refrigerator door only 4099 yuan. Lao Li special, full 1000 by 100, a discount of 2000 yuan cap. Heiner fresh, delicate energy-saving, collar fresh technology, activated carbon, lysozyme, three heavy palladium catalyst sterilization sterilization composition low odor odor removal system, clean health.


designer boutique: 9 kg drum washing machine SIEMENS XQG90-WM12P2691W inverter

intelligent home appliances in the future must be considerate service, "science and humanities" full of sense of design is synonymous with the tip of goods. SIEMENS WM12P2691W as an end in the washing machine, a premium price of 4999. BLDC brushless motor, power is really tough. Impeccable in function is water consumption, power consumption, noise control of these ordinary users are very concerned about the. Quick wash function makes you more intelligent laundry washing mode, close to the shirt perfect and ultra low volume control, moderate price, a penny goods, see you how to make a choice.


fluorine free "steward": Haier KFR-72LW/08GAB23A 3 HP cabinet type inverter air conditioner

industry really smart Haier KFR>

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