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idle, on paper repeatedly reads "this four word enterprise website, random graffiti, do not worry about not beautiful. Chinese characters is one of the world’s most ancient text, broad and profound, have seen "put some Chinese characters apart" Shuowen Jiezi ", explain their meaning, some are pictographic characters, some is knowing the word, suddenly wanted to know in" Shuowen Jiezi "which is how to explain the four words.

The original "

enterprise" by the "people" and "foot" merge into the "lower part enterprise" by "the evolution of the lower half part of foot" and means someone who tiptoed, metaphor for hope; "karma" in the upper part like two hoes, the cross like the horizon, looks like two people holding a hoe in the farm, meaning the establishment; the "net" from its structure can guess some things on the staggered together; "station" from about two parts can be obtained which represents the meaning of foothold. The four words together, with their own meaning: people want to be able to stand on the mesh, and then set up their own cause. In other words, people want to have a foothold on the Internet, there can be a.

companies to build a web site on the Internet will be able to represent the foothold on the Internet? The answer is no, this is just a starting point. There is a foothold on behalf of others can be found through the way to find, on behalf of the fulcrum can be extended outward. To let people find the purpose by the website domain name, strength is too weak, and the domain name English untraceable in our real life, unlike the address of the company, as long as we can get know the address lookup. Take the network to solve the problem, to the product (service) as the key words, the enterprise just want to choose their own and product (service) related keywords, you can put others to enterprise website.

has a foothold, need intensive and meticulous farming layout. The characteristics of the Internet, the huge space of perplexing, so many small sites in front of the famous website be cast into the shade, do not belong to their own piece of the sky. Companies need to have their own network on the Internet, like spiders have their own spider webs of prey. With its own web site as the center, to expand around, which has a very professional name – marketing. Take care of business in the Internet can because, according to local conditions, at any time to select and adjust dozens of words, so that customers can directly find enterprises.

if the Internet is a huge nets, site is inside a tiny fabric, woven each point to connect with other fabrics, have sufficient tension and endurance, the whole Wangcai can move. Fishing, can wait for the fish trap that can also take the initiative to find their prey.

from the Internet, to constitute the Internet site, all ready to do the best, companies have their own space for development, to be able to show their skills, do not want to have some as hard. This is the real enterprise website.

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