The electricity supplier price war excessive fighting is not a good thing

after another round of the electricity supplier price war baptism, attitudes to price war appears to be very tired, some people still expect a electricity supplier price war, and some people hold quite disgusted mood and cursing the price war disappeared. So the electricity supplier price war is good or bad? What has brought us, is the pain, is happy or confused?

memories of the past: 8· 15, double, 6· 18 loud

2012 August 14th, Jingdong Liu Qiangdong two micro-blog launched the electricity supplier hegemony fuse, followed by including Suning, Gome and other home appliance business high-level participation in the micro-blog responded to Liu Qiangdong, then with Dangdang, Yi Xun and other enterprises into chaos, the event evolved into the domestic electricity supplier industry melee. September 2012, the national development and Reform Commission identified electricity supplier price war fraud, need to punish. Jingdong subsequently apologized.

is commonly known as the double eleven singles, singles for a self, in the promotion of Ma and Tmall, this popular festival has become the most important position in the electricity supplier price war. 2012 Taobao just over 8 hours to go beyond last year’s Taobao double trading record, according to the relevant data show that in November 11th the whole day, Tmall’s turnover reached $13 billion 200 million.

this year at the beginning of June, 18 6· price war is much Mancheng situation. In June 18th this year is the ten year anniversary of the Jingdong, in order to attack the rapid development of the business of Jingdong mall, both in June launched promotional activities. According to the Jingdong mall anniversary in June 18th, Taobao’s Tmall mall sent 40 million yuan red envelope, has resorted to "0 yuan purchase" banner, Kuba,, shop have joined the June promotion. Jingdong to the first Chinese anniversary month mall online shopping festival.

see the battlefield: electricity providers, consumers, the store who passionate heart

from the 366EC electronic commerce market department learned that the electricity supplier battlefield running speed and long-standing, due to the influence of the Internet, there is a state of extreme nervousness., easily lead to wind sways grass, fight for huge scale "". This treasure haunt electricity traders, consumers and store the heart, and to see every time the price war, who feel the most brilliant.

electricity supplier who is relying on the Internet and grew up a group of businessmen, they have a vague understanding of the electricity supplier, that is tantamount to low flow, traffic is equal to the scale, the scale is equal to success. Then, a price war is one business bigger and stronger performance, which is the source of power to create it holiday bargains, so whether it is micro-blog or a Jingdong propaganda, ten encouraged to "take off", or the anniversary of the war of words, people are a pair of electric A fighting spirit soars aloft. preparations state.

consumers are always trying to get the best product with the least money to their consumption, low consumption is expected to stop them.

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