Impossible version of Android game created to defeat pirates

first_imgNoodlecake Studios is one of the most prolific and popular game developers and publishers on the App Store and Google Play Store with titles like Wayward Souls and Super Stickman Golf. With the recent launch of Shooting Stars, a quirky top-down shooter, Noodlecake decided to have a little fun and show the pirates who’s boss. Rather than wait for someone to upload a cracked version of their game, they made a special version for pirates and uploaded it. One important difference: this version of Shooting Stars is impossibly difficult. Shooting Stars launched on iOS recently at a price of $1.99, because as Noodlecake says (and we agree), it thinks there’s still a place for a premium game without in-app purchases. The team opted for this interesting anti-piracy strategy for the Android release after looking at the telemetry data for the wildly popular Wayward Souls on Android. This roguelike RPG is available on both iOS and Android for $6.99, but only 11% of active installs are actually paid for. The rest are pirated.So, several days before the Android launch of Shooting Stars, Noodlecake seeded popular torrent and direct download sites with the modified APK. When the pirates downloaded the game, everything seemed normal for the first three levels, then the boss battle gets crazy. The pirates encounter one “Daft Premium,” who doesn’t exist in the retail version of the game. Mr. Premium spawns dozens of super-powerful enemies with high hitpoints and powerful attacks. If they somehow survive that, Daft Premium attacks, and he has unlimited health. The outcome is inevitable. After the player is eliminated by Daft Premium, a cheeky message pops up on the screen encouraging them to actually buy the game. The game is even on sale right now to make it less painful to pony up the cash. Instead of $1.99, it’s only $0.99.last_img

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