Quantum Break was originally going to be Alan Wake 2

first_imgFrom a glance, Remedy Studios’ Quantum Break seems to share some similarities to the developer’s previous work, Alan Wake. Both are highly cinematic games with supernatural story elements at their core, and both put a unique spin on the usual third-person action genre formula. If the two games appear to be cut from the same cloth, that’s because Quantum Break originally started out as the sequel to Alan Wake.This is according to an interview Eurogamer, conducted with Remedy Studios’ Creative Director Sam Lake about the upcoming Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive. “Initially we went there with the pitch for Alan Wake 2,” Lake said. “That did have a live action show as part of the pitch. We had been doing small things, and tests with live action, and I was interested in pushing it further. And they got really excited because they were talking about having that as a big thing. They even said to us, why not make it even bigger? And we were happy to take that! And say yes, let’s make it bigger!”This is how Alan Wake 2 eventually became Quantum Break. The project was going to have a TV series and video game that worked together to tell one unified story. Both would influence each other and shape the narrative to the player’s actions. This original vision never came to be — Microsoft closed down its Xbox Entertainment Studios in 2014. The version of Quantum Break set to hit stores will contain both the TV show and game on one disk.As far as an actual sequel to Alan Wake is concerned, Lake says that it is entirely possible we’ll see it one day. “I’ve been very open about our love for Alan Wake,” said Lake. “It’s an IP we own. As I said, as we’ve said, we’d love an opportunity to do more Wake. We’re obviously fully focused on Quantum Break, but we’re always prototyping things on the side, bouncing around ideas.”Quantum Break will release on April 5 of this year.last_img

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