This 38 Million Behemoth Is Basically The Tumbler of SUVs

first_img There’s never really been a vehicle on the market that caters to super-wealthy wannabe superheroes with a family to haul around. The Karlmann King has changed all of that.You’ll be forgiven for not recognizing the Karlmann brand. They’re not exactly a household name, except in households like the ones owned by Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne… whose Tumbler might as well be the sports car version of this over-the-top SUV.The Karlmann King sells for the tidy sum of $3.8 million, which is roughly the same cost as seven fully-loaded Bentley Bentaygas. The King is an entirely different kind of lavishly-appointed SUV, however.AdChoices广告It’s just that the luxury edition has…so much more eagle.Inside it’s furnished more like a luxury suite at a Vegas hotel than most of the high-end vehicles you’ve seen. There’s a retractable HDTV wired to an Apple TV and PlayStation 4, a mini fridge, and a Nespresso machine that stands in for an actual barista. The interior lighting can be adjusted Philips Hue-style to suit the mood.It’s the kind of vehicle Amy Kroker might buy if she was alive right now and willing to drive something that didn’t have seats stuffed with eagle down.Fully assembled, the Karlmann King weighs a lot. Roughly 12,000 pounds. Going back to the Bentayga comparison, that’s as much as five of Bentley’s SUVs.What does it take to move around that kind of bulk? Karlmann opted for a Ford-built 6.8-liter V10. Ford typically sticks it in something that looks more like a small semi or a motorhome than an SUV. You can’t mess around when you’re building a vehicle that’s made to operate in a temperature range of -40C (fairly normal Canadian winter) to 90C (which would be like driving around inside a sauna).Anyone who’s in the market for the particular kind of luxurious crazy the Karlmann King packs will have to move quickly. They’re only going to build nine of them.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Aston Martin Will Build You Your Very Own Supervillain LairSony Crammed a 9-Inch Touchscreen Into a Single-DIN Car Stereo Stay on targetlast_img

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