Establish grassroots forum brand depends on the quality of content and strong relationship between u

network promotion forum has been established for more than a year, in the joint efforts of the founding team, won a good score. At the same time, the site server also suffered a number of attacks of bad elements. But this does not affect all the knowledge in the forum to promote learning and exchange network, network marketing, participate in the public forum training students common feeling is met more like-minded friends, learned to share and seek common ground, the key is to improve the execution.

what is execution? That is to say a simple thing you can do well. Therefore, the third phase of the task of the public service training team has a simple task is: a month can get a continuous sign. In the past, many people can forget to sign in, but since doing the task, adhere to the continuous attendance of many people, including myself. So when the server is attacked, the home will be concerned about when the forum can be a normal visit, rather than lose the easiest to get a point.

by the execution I would think to strengthen the management of the forum moderator recently proposed, to ensure the quantity of post. I am the electric version of the forum moderators, I can feel a lot of posts in the forum is reprinted or soft, not much worth reading (promoting public version and version in addition), said some of the white and almost irrigation. So everyone replies not what enthusiasm for the replies and replies, now the network people are impulsive


how to operate a grassroots forum? My point is: quality rather than quantity, while strengthening the user relationship.

from the quality rather than quantity, this point of view, the original low quality soft A5 full of Admin5 has begun to do so, we can find that in the submission of success is not so easy. The grassroots network through the QQ group interviews with well-known webmaster or person in charge of the live broadcast, but also won the support of the users. Focus on the local portal and vertical site operations Ning philosophy network through the QQ group to strengthen the relationship between the local operators around the portal.

how to improve the quality of web content and enhance the user relationship?

to the network promotion forum mentioned above, for example, I think we should start from the integration of the plate. Currently in the forum micro-blog marketing and electricity supplier version of the original article less, lack of popularity, not many people concerned about. The micro-blog marketing should belong to the category of electricity providers, so you can be fully integrated into the electricity supplier version, and refined sub column, so you can gather more popularity, but also facilitate the exchange of everyone.

the second is to encourage original, in addition to the website the reward points, and can help the person responsible for the original authors, preferred to join the training group or public website core exchange Q group, so that the original author has the sense of achievement and sense of concern. In this impetuous network, a person not only by the original article to let others know him, he also has the same interests meet the needs of users. The model of public service training team to strengthen the relationship between each other, I think this model can also be applied to strengthen the relationship between the active users of the site and high-quality users >

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