Biography of Tencent’s reading group this year will be listed in Hong Kong 500 million financing is


technology news Beijing time on February 8th morning news, Bloomberg quoted sources as saying that the Tencent’s reading group has contacted the investment bank, led the company in Hongkong IPO (initial public offering). Wen Wen group plans to raise about $500 million in IPO.

sources said, read the text group plans to market this year. The company’s e-book sales are similar to Amazon’s Kindle bookstore, with more than 600 million users.

last December, the United States completed the listing in Hongkong, financing $629 million. This is the largest technology company in Hongkong since 2007, IPO. Since the listing, Mito shares rose 7.8%.

Tencent network literature business after the acquisition of Shanda literature set up a reading group. Sources said that in 2014, the company valued at approximately $2 billion. Web site data show that the reading group has about 4 million authors, as well as 10 million novels.

Tencent spokesman did not comment. (Zhang Fan)

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