Baidu bid talk about Baidu not to say dry cargo skills

this is an article in the Baidu marketing center competition. If there is no promotion is still under discussion, there are several specific steps to promote such content, is not "water" is too big! They talk ", most people at least dry cargo" is ignored or failure to grasp the.



hot 1 period bidding, as the unpopular time.

If you are

KPI index to show the amount of UV traffic, registrations, it points to you? As long as the conversion rate, the rate of return on investment as well. From this point of view, the night is really a prime time, followed by morning and afternoon at a fraction of the time, but is "garbage time". Please remember, you are not CCTV broadcast drama, you are spending money.

2 poor results for second days, the budget is to blame.

when the budget is not enough to advance the assembly line, the promotion effect of second days may be from 8-9 am to show up, this time there is no advertising effect. So, keep your budget, or don’t go to bed until 12. Even if you set the 23-24 point for the promotion of non time period, do not let the account because the budget is not enough and offline.

3 high priority show, white also provided words.

accounts are "English", "Shanghai English training how to" two words, if the bid of 10 yuan, the price of 1 yuan, the user search "Shanghai English training, how could be triggered show the words" English training ". So remember, the golden principle of keyword bidding, the more words you can bid higher.

4 to spend money to raise long words, short term effect.

theory of the long tail word search volume is not large, but a wide range of matching, there will be a possibility of N species. The Shanghai English training how to widely match, bid 1 yuan, the user in the search for English training can also be displayed. This is what the old saying goes, less money, more work.

5 pull the word whole body, do not arbitrarily price adjustment.

if your account is just set up, it can be adjusted according to the effect of the high price, no matter. The good account structure is inherently logical, pull the hair and the whole body, so tune a word at the same time, it is necessary to adjust the 10 words or even the price of the 100 words. Otherwise, you don’t want to show the price of the word will be triggered, and I hope to show the lowest word but not show.

6 build logical accounts, in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

if your account is only based on the sales area, product planning, and then the key words of the property (the so-called noun, verb) to build the unit, it will be how much money can be how much effect. If you would like a wooden ox account such as design, such as certain promotion unit in the morning.

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