Yang Fan website promotion brother who

A few days ago

Yang Fan and Baidu people eat together, suddenly asked me: "Yang Fan, you have so many web site planning case, what is the biggest drawback of the Chinese enterprise website now?" I said: website promotion! The other surprise…

how, how, how do you mean?

means very simple, eat first, and then slowly with you.

16 minutes and 58 seconds later…..

Yang Fan! I finished eating, talk about your website promotion is how it is!

(put down the chopsticks, wipe the mouth of the oil in the white paper napkin on the left a little lipstick) made a gesture of OK


text start:

now as long as the enterprises to establish their own web site, he will be aware of "website promotion" of the word, the primary: QQ group promotion (after T), the Forum (after × hard advertising, mass software) (after K)…….., intermediate: SEO (very time-consuming), PPC (very expensive):……., senior media support, TV support, hard advertising portal to support (after the discovery of his own pocket some empty).

website promotion important? Important! But who is the important brother? More important! Who is more important? Enterprise website can make money is more important! How to make money? User conversion!

enterprise elder brother! Does the user translate know?

I don’t know it!

that you have analyzed your site every day a lot of traffic, but the user is not to buy your single is why?

I’m worried about it, but I don’t get it. What’s going on?

what’s the matter? Come and tell you an ancient story:

once upon a time, there was a man named "website promotion", he is a man, responsible for the daily run around here and there to attract guests, let more people to own a restaurant, his wife called "conversion", responsible for the restaurant’s health (site UI), guest order (Interactive website), cooking (website every day, the husband content) can lead to a lot of people for their own restaurant on the outside, then according to iResearch survey of these people have attracted three scenarios:

The first kind of

(Begin): two step forward in the restaurant, both hands waist, I look left look right look down at this restaurant is really helpless! Too simple, too shabby, too unsanitary, go! (thought: next time I cheated, not


II (Begin): take a look at the aim, the appearance is not very boring, sit down and have a look at what delicious. Waiter waitress waiter waiter!!! N………! no one, I don’t know if I should eat something! His voice a little hoarse, go out and buy a bottle of nongfushanquan throat, so next time you buy a big la.

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