WeChat how to optimize

optimization, this time for many of our webmaster should be more familiar with the. In fact, our WeChat optimization and our website optimization and no difference. Nothing more than keywords, tags and user experience. For our WeChat, we need to optimize our key words and our user experience.

for WeChat, we are the main points:

first: Title

title of this optimization is mainly to optimize our keywords, this is mainly to the user in the search for a keyword we can hold to show to improve the exposure effect in front of the users to. We may often find that now many of the title of the article content is very attractive, the content and the title is often completely different, but it is capable of reading is very high, this is mainly for the attribute of our fans. So want to have a good reading of the article, then we are the title of the premise, this will directly affect our article whether there is a good amount of reading.

so how should we write the title, so as to achieve the purpose of optimization?

first of all, we need to determine their account attributes according to the article’s Title How to write, if our fans are mainly male, it is the title of the best with the temptation, so that it can attract more fans to see.

then we can according to user search habits every day to write a title to selective, we can see the Sogou WeChat search list, and through the drop-down box, see if the user is love which search related content, so we can write such a good keyword. As long as we search the word, we can have a good ranking, the user search habits are 1-3 pages, so the title for us as long as we do good enough, so our exposure is great.

second: layout

The main

layout is the first feeling to the user in your article, after our users into our page, whether we can keep users put the article to read, so we need to look at the layout for a long time. If the content of the layout is very messy, so that people can see dazzling, then it is certainly no one will go to see. So if we want to grow our fans by our content, then this is totally impossible. There are a lot of fans to see your content in a mess, click into your content, and then seconds to put this page to close. So our layout is very important.

so we have to buy the tools to achieve it? It is certainly there, we can search Baidu has a lot of layout assistant,. It is important to note that our layout should have a fixed pattern

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