Talking about the specific tactics of using bookmark to promote website

bookmark promotion is considered to be an essential part of the website promotion, can bring traffic can also increase the chain. After Baidu launched Baidu search, reminiscent of a hundred keywords ranking and weight is not a website is a collection of reference collections. Baidu is in the back page of the collection is displayed by XX, so that Baidu will be more or less in this as the reference. Not only that, bookmarks can bring flow and the chain is real, I share with some understanding of bookmarks website promotion.

a, will do bookmark website

Baidu, Google, YAHOO bookmarks, QQ bookmarks collection, the weight of these several sites are very high, and have to do search engine. More importantly, these sites can be a collection, very convenient and quick. In addition to Sina vivi and some other website Tianji summaries of profiles, and opinions of the weight is very high.

two, in order to win

bookmark promotion effect is not a moment to come out, but also the accumulation of time. This does not have much skill, just a simple repetition of the collection, the key is to adhere to the number up the effect will follow up slowly.

three, collection and site related pages

do not blindly collection of the site’s pages, not only the suspicion of cheating, the effect will not be good to where to go. Do blog and BBS, every hair a article remember to collect at any time, do every one of the chain will collect this page, just a simple move the mouse, don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy. This will be the contents of the contents of the collection, not the entire single collection target site content.

four, write tag

When the need to add

bookmark label, the label suggested using keywords, these benefits are bookmarking sites will be different pages of the same label together, users can search through the search to the relevant page. When the number of words of the accumulation of enough weight enough high enough, it is likely to get a better ranking in the search engine, but the label is also the amount to win, the need to accumulate the process.

five, with different account collection

I have not tried this method, there is no effect after trying to tell you, we can also explore. Since Baidu, there is a collection of times, perhaps for keywords ranking do not have much impact, but much more amount of collections show always. You can do so, the registration of one or two accounts a day, dedicated to repeat the collection of several important web site, and then supplemented by the collection of other unimportant pages or peripheral pages.

six, promote bookmarks

can also be appropriate to do some promotional bookmarks, do some outside the chain to promote the included and improve the weight. Each registered account will have a bookmark address, which is to promote the url. Some of the above mentioned are mostly Forums

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