From the detailed video promotion means and how to do marketing video conversion method

lead: with the rapid development of mobile Internet, video and new vitality, promotion will be paid more attention to the use of video.

blog today beetroot from the two aspects of video promotion method and conversion method to introduce video promotion methods you.

a video promotion means

now on the Internet, the use of video to promote the means can be roughly divided into three categories:

1, self media mode

This pattern of

in long ago have arisen, such as early beast video series, Ao director video series, that time is not called from the media, at most is also a podcast, is the prototype of the video from the media. With the rise of thinking thinking, set off a large network video from the media.


this video from the media model has a significant feature: content is king. You have to have their own unique content, you must be recognized by users.

is precisely because of the characteristics of the content is king, this model also has significant advantages and disadvantages.

advantage: the content is novel and unique, can attract a relatively precise crowd in naturally completed fans for screening, days after the traffic into buried a good foreshadowing.

disadvantage: to create good content, you need a good theme, which will take up a lot of manpower, material resources, a lot of upfront pay.

scope of application: suitable for team operation.

2, hot event mode


model is very common, the use of hot news, movies, TV series, video, huge gains in a very short time traffic, have to say, this is a video promotion mode quickly get huge traffic. For example: the current release of all things growth


can make use of this popular movie to do long tail keywords, received the effect is quite good.

this model is characterized by: timeliness. Only in a specific time has a huge effect, the flow of fast, go fast.

popular event model also has some advantages and disadvantages.

advantage: simple and quick, low threshold. Find popular keywords in Baidu billboard, with a few pictures soon made a video, will be able to complete the promotion in a very short period of time.

disadvantages: traffic is not long, the validity period may be only a few days; traffic is not accurate, there are drawbacks of late conversion.

scope of application: suitable for individual batch operation.

3, video chain mode

this model is evolved from the video chain, make friends is more familiar with the video of the chain, I >

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