Three earthquake The original 2016 popular nternet scripts from here

remember these 2016 popular internet jokes? Do you often use them in the chat, do you know what is the source? Today is the plum flower, look at these scripts in the end from where


there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Oh no, there are scripts.


in this piece is raging like a storm era, a day without a brush Bo, you feel from the rest of the world, nobody loves a chat, no topic…

do you remember those 2016 popular internet jokes? When you chat with it on its expression package, but you know these scripts from where? Today Mei floret to open the original burst of fire grilled, these Internet piece from here!

The power of



with a magic girl interview with Fu Yuanhui burst of red satin " field capacity ", has not only become a major brand occasion saying, has become a necessary and essential ChAT expression package that you know god! " field capacity " from where? A word of it it comes from the TV series "in the" flower and bone, never thought it ~~


2 come and hurt each other,



" to hurt each other ah, ah " this is a piece of God hot Internet, which can simply use it to chat expression package necessary. The earliest source has not test, for its source, there is a saying: the mainstream animation Diadema, actress has a famous saying " why people want to hurt each other. " then they fire up to hurt each other. However, plum flowers feel, now " come ah, hurt each other ah " more in line with the style of chat when some young people ha ~~

3 can not be too Holden


watched this year Olympic Games in Rio Comrades should know this piece of source! Is the cause of Australian swimmer Horton Sun Yang mocked drug use, then a large group of friends back Horton and the birth of the piece. The " don’t be too XXX" was the 2007 most popular words " don’t be too CCTV". Huh? What happened to CCTV? Originally, 2007 CCTV was held in sports ten influential man contest, in the network voting link suspected of cheating brush…… So the flow of " don’t be too CCTV" phrase. After that, this sentence is ten

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