Registered company expert help you clear the sland three business ideas

days ago, I was invited to attend a lecture in Shanghai, government subsidies, the content about the entrepreneurial guidance, the relevant government subsidies to set up, and the application conditions and methods.

after the chat with the business side of the teacher, to get a very shocking data, the average daily average of nearly 3000 companies to apply for registration in Shanghai, nearly a month to set up a new company of 20000. It is hard to imagine that Shanghai is becoming China’s largest entrepreneurial base.

public entrepreneurship, innovation. This is the last two years is the slogan of fire, but also a way to solve the employment difficulties. In the case of strong support from the state and the government, it is much easier now than in previous years.

for entrepreneurship, I give some superficial analysis for your reference.

1, project

business, there must be a good project, or you want to do the project. The project is the priority among priorities, basic necessities of life, a full 360 line idle away in seeking pleasure. Although not everyone into a champion, but a mix of food and clothing or a simple party.

a project should first consider their ability to undertake, and only their own can do, this is the first condition of a successful project, it is not called diamond do not embrace porcelain live. Furthermore, according to the environment to choose, do enough market research, respectively, the seller and the buyer to do the psychological survey, this is really necessary.

good team, the three stooges, top of Zhu Geliang, Jobs is not a person on their own play Apple Corp. Therefore, it is important to select a good teammate, must have the same values, recognition of their own projects, and can complement the lack of projects. If you have these, it proves that you are a step closer to success.

in Shanghai, each district will have specific subsidies related business projects, or a certain amount of interest free loans, or pay subsidies, employee housing subsidies, these information channels will be publicity release, such as attention to "Shanghai business" and "expert island", will push


2, registered

project identified, team looking good. So go to business registration, you do not have a business license, you really embarrassed and people say hello. A license is the most basic trust. Then, registered in Shanghai and what is convenient, Hereby I follow the Shanghai Island expert business limited company staff go time registration process.

expert learned from the island, the Shanghai industrial and commercial enterprises registered zero threshold, the national policy for the enterprise is now registered by the system to a paid subscription system, that is to say before you need to prove that the registered capital of the company to register for you, and now for ten years or twenty years proves to be in place ok. In other words you can really start empty-handed.

registration process is divided into the basic information to submit the name of the name (the name of the audit company is repeated), audit the identity of the applicant (to)

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