Can not insight into your users but also to talk about what the scene of marketing ah

review: to truly understand this era is that we can go to the rapid transformation, an effective way to become the core competitiveness of the business. The ability to operate the user is the real marketing.

small partners want me to talk about marketing. Many people think that marketing seems to be a problem, but I believe that the current era of marketing is a strategic issue, is the problem of the road.

scene marketing thinking, we must first understand the current era of creation logic

mobile Internet is able to put people and all the supply and demand through the scene set up.

, for example, the sound is not so much to share here, so that you are sleepy, but you are not willing to go downstairs to buy Starbucks, if someone can bring a cup of coffee to hand you may also listen to. This represents the real need for coffee at this time of the scene, and the solution to the problem is a business model. Today, a lot of takeaway O2O is to solve the pain points of such scenes.

brush circle of friends is also one of the most common scene of our era, so we have to do marketing should be based on this scene to form a direct customer ability.

We are now on the

mobile phone to see how? Ten thousand words will be measured? No, most of the people here are neat and quick on the draw out, so we need to add red, thick description, to set up multiple parallelism, so WeChat copy form and traditional text compared the nature of change has occurred. Because it is based on the first screen, second is not only the power of the text, but the text, pictures, audio, video, the formation of a comprehensive presentation. Young people are now based on the understanding of WeChat copywriting, is a painting, not just a text.


scenario marketing thinking must first understand the logic of the creation of this era. Our class had a project called Bao Zheng (which is mainly in the form of O2O, bags, shoes and other enthusiasts to provide customers care, maintenance and other services business projects). We should know that this era of girls can not change clothes, but be sure to use some bags to express their way of life. The essence of love is that they think girls bag bag is more reliable than a boyfriend, Bao Zheng on behalf of the project, "a woman’s vanity bag save by generation".

when we are talking about a lot of fantastic bands, movies, cartoon and so on when the two dimension minority tastes, we have to think between them and the popular hidden exactly what kind of logic code. When we successfully defined a new scene, may have spawned a new category, which means that we can share the traffic bonus, it has the value of strategic marketing. We need to really understand the relationship between consumer and entrepreneurial projects in this era.

this is an iterative era, the era of acceleration. People often ask: that we can on occasion marketing

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