The interactive website promotion Ultimate Nirvana


site was K months, quiet reflection, finally let me realize the Ultimate Nirvana — interactive promotion.

It is an interactive

allows you to stand friends, can be a forum, a QQ group, or even a message of this, as long as do, there will be a success. I started a forum began to interact for half a month, Baidu has not included a page for several months, and now included 500 pages a day, half a month ago is included in the 3000 page, and now is the 8600 page, oh, the effect is obvious

look at the details of the benefits of interaction, I think you will understand why I can be collected so much.

interactive benefits:

1, the interaction can give you a better understanding of user experience, think about what is Baidu and Google value most? The user experience, you can know their user experience, so as to make improvements, like you in with them to accomplish the same thing in the same struggle, although the route may be different, but as long as the same destination, with the probability of walk side by side will be much larger, if they can catch a ride, hey, it is self-evident consequences.

2, you can let the user interact more loyalty, on the network, you are a master, you see the book you must admire, but if you don’t have a talk with him, his admiration of nature will weaken a lot, then we ran the wind sways grass, a user, if we lose the user, then we lose a day on our station, may we point advertising, or promotional opportunities, although the probability is not very high, but don’t give up, get the probability of the high point, you re more a little closer distance.

3, the interaction can make you stronger, last year Baidu crazy K station to outrageous proportions, but why several times against Baidu movements do not end? They say we are not strong enough. Remember K large lot, the dead are many, but the success of the interaction of winter is much higher than the probability of no interaction. The reason is very simple, if you have no interaction, Baidu will take your words when farting, even if you are a 10WIP mammoth station, because you are trying to die will not give him cause even 1 IP loss, the most lost yourself, but you still have to study him. The interaction is different, there is a large group of users behind you, you can launch them against Baidu, they can also be launched to Baidu included you, if 1W and Baidu to write to say I love this station, you don’t have your Baidu without me, I can’t believe that Baidu is not included in the first time. Just like Ma with him to challenge for a long time, Baidu is still not like Taobao K. Or he’s not far off.

4, no interaction is not original, this is very simple, if you are not even on the user interaction, how could you stand on the hair, you are not repeating things, the search engine that you have not the original content, the direct judgment is established, such as:

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