Taobao guest webmaster practical skills to share the original article plagiarism how to do

is the original article plagiarism is not uncommon, especially new sites, high weight website copy, in addition to moral condemnation, what seems to be no good reason for plagiarism and countermeasures, we all know the consequences, not much to say, then, share a few tips and more practical, hope to be able to to help.

1, write some articles

if your web site is malicious batch acquisition, usually operated by some related software, for plagiarism cases like this, one of the strategies we can take, is published semi article, wait to be collected after the article and then released the remaining half.

this is a kind of anti plagiarism way, but I do not recommend the use of, the reason is very simple, if only release part of the article, then the impact on people at the same time, will also have adverse effects on real users, so this way can refer to, but not recommended.

2, the layout of the code, disable the right

prohibition right copy, this may be a common way to prevent copying, but still do not recommend the use of Huo Chang, the reason is very simple, the layout code, disable the right way, as to the bicycle lock, can only prevent good, can not prevent the bad guys, you have to disable the right code layout technology key, really want to steal your bike, there are ways to get rid of your right limit.

and get rid of the right limit, not what advanced technology, can even say that is very simple, there are many ways to get rid of, then, Huo always share with you one of the most simple and most practical way of using the browser plug-in.

Description: this method is only for reference, I do not recommend that any way to copy other people’s articles, please respect copyright.



Use the

360 browser, click on the toolbar list expansion, and extending into the center, in the search bar enter the "right" and "copy" and other words, you can search out the relevant plug-in, as shown below:


different tools may be different, but similar, can get rid of the right key, now many browsers with this function, including the 360, Sogou, Google, interested friends can try.

3, internal competition, rotten meat in the pot

write in the settings to add the major search engine subscriptions, as follows:


in the writing of the settings, there is a major search engine subscription settings, as long as you read in the background of the WordPress settings, there is no ban on search engine access,

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