Network promotion of various alliance advertising model


days to do the promotion plan of several companies, but also with the relevant people in the industry to do some official exchanges, we found that many practitioners in the Internet industry to other network promotion way, including a variety of modes of understanding are scanty, a bit like the original SP when a fire, any Internet Co to profit SP, some network promotion personnel now still is the network alliance, motionless is CPS, but for a variety of advertising model respectively, their use and understanding is not deep enough, therefore, also aroused my motivation for writing this article, this is the.

first, we must first understand the alliance. Alliance is the aggregation of the vast majority of small and medium sized web site of the long tail strength of a whole, forming a huge force. At present, many companies engaged in advertising alliance, such as Baidu, Alibaba is the best league in china. The alliance has a variety of forms of advertising, including we often see CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS and so on, different types of sites should choose a different way of delivery, resulting in maximum efficiency. So, a variety of ways of advertising alliance is how to come, what is their idea, the right to use what place, the webmaster should choose what kind of alliance advertising?

CPM: (thousand impressions). What is the cost of the ad one thousand times each time. This advertising model should be appears very early, which is the first pop ads, the later browser shielding of the pop-up ads, pop-up ads slowly disappeared, lost to the booming web games and let the market pop a fire. However, now the pop-up ads have been improved, including Sina, such as the right corner of the small window of the ad, the first video ads, including Baidu’s Baidu TV is based on this principle out. Earlier, sina is also like a lot of banner advertising fees according to the number of display, the third party platform but also introduced the good advertising statistics, but slowly, due to various reasons, this advertising model is not optimistic about the advertisers. And do the box are generally those sites do flow, normal station window of good do less.

CPC: (cost per click). Billing per click. This method plus click rate restrictions can strengthen the difficulty of cheating, Internet users every time you click will bring real traffic to advertisers and potential customers. It is a pay per click, if not click on it, then it does not have any cost, can save the cost of many businesses, the promotion process therefore, this advertising model is one of the most popular mode. At present, the most popular domestic advertising model, known as Baidu, Google and SOSO are using this model, and the search engine itself is the active behavior of users, so the conversion rate is high, accept the current group, so why the current search engine market growth rate faster. But now, the search engine company in preventing malicious click very appear, the customer will not worry about the cost of advertising by malicious overdraft, therefore, also.

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