The balance of treasure for the record aftermath or the fastest this week is expected to complete

Hou Jiyong

from the June 13th launch date ten days, the balance of treasure suffered a variety of questions, rumors and accusations. The Commission criticized "is to be pushed to the risk supervision in the teeth of the storm.

June 24th, Internet users have to reflect this reporter, after the launch of the balance of treasure, Alipay to buy the fund account information all gone, many users for 10 days, his redemption had no money to go to the bank.

newspaper reporters learned that in June 5th, Alipay fund accounts and financial accounts, the original record in the Alipay financial accounts did not see, but the user can visit the fund company website past purchases.

about the redemption money does not go to the bank to issue, Alipay says: "the original Alipay open fund account, need to bind bank card, a bank card payment, a cash bank card, bank payment system after the recent adjustment, can be changed, cash bank can not be changed. The reason for this is that the user may change the payment bank, still go to pay the bank inquiry is not credited, in fact, should go to the bank to query."

in addition, in June 21st, the Commission spokesman at the press briefing on the rise of many questioned. The spokesman pointed out that the balance of treasure there are two problems: first, some of the funds gathered in the settlement account settlement and the regulatory authorities for the record; the two is not submitted to the supervision of the banking supervision agreement.

, the reporter was informed that the causes of these two problems is in the balance of treasure business, the cooperation between Alipay and the more than and 10 banks were, but due to poor communication, may three Celestica fund cooperation and the bank reported to the Commission for cooperation only, the rest is not completed for the record. This has led to the misreading of users, that the balance of treasure business will stop operating.

Alipay mail reply to the reporter the interview said: "the balance of treasure partners will complete the follow-up record on time in accordance with the relevant provisions of the CSRC, the balance of treasure business is not suspended, the balance of treasure users interests will be fully guaranteed."

in addition, the reporter from the relevant fund industry was informed that Alipay will be the fastest to complete the Commission filing requirements in the following weeks, to complete the filing work with more than a dozen banks remaining.

, however, another source said: can be passed this week, ultimately depends on whether you can go through the approval of the commission." Its analysis: "through the approval is not a problem, the problem is time."

event related to another Fang Tianhong fund also said that through the official micro responded to this, the Commission will continue to support financial innovation, the balance of treasure business will not be suspended.

pointed out that in addition to the above problems, the Commission spokesman also said that the balance of treasure launched by Alipay to provide more investment options for investors, is to actively explore the market innovation, the SFC Product >

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