Groupon revenue is divided into up to 50% merchants to explore new preferential mode


Groupon revenue is divided into up to 50% merchants to explore new preferential mode

introduction: foreign media published an article today that is adjustment and Groupon cooperation strategy of many small businesses in the United States, Groupon will likely be adversely affected.

below is the full text of the article:

many businesses said that by Groupon to provide group buying activities will bring a large number of new customers. However, some businesses found that most consumers are just such a desire for cheap, if the future is no longer to carry out new group buying activities, then they will not come again to consume. In addition, in the revenue obtained through the purchase, the average Groupon to take away about 50% of the share, which caused the dissatisfaction of businesses.

recently, more and more businesses began to look for new ways to manage promotions, and consumers have gradually accepted the way merchants. Some businesses require Groupon to reduce the proportion, and some businesses are re organized business operations, in order to deal with larger traffic. The biggest change, however, is that businesses are now only using Groupon as a starting point to drive a bigger strategy. Businesses attract new customers through coupons, and then retain them by club members.

improved using Groupon mode

merchants said that this model is more conducive to the establishment of customer loyalty, relative to the lower cost of the offer to buy through the Groupon. In Arizona Scottsdale ice cream store Gelato Spot, owner of Thomas · (Thomas Plato); Prato April and July this year offers coupons through Groupon. When the customer holding coupons to the consumer, they become the ice cream shop called Prato member, so that the future more preferential information by sms. In this way, a large number of customers to patronize the Gelato Spot. And there is no need to Prato and Groupon in revenue sharing.

marketing company Cellit help Gelato Spot designed this model. ·, the company’s president, said Walsh (David Wachs) said that small businesses need to continue to communicate with consumers, rather than relying solely on coupons. The biggest use of Groupon is to attract new customers.

baby gift company co-founder Meredith · (Boggess) from the summer of last year to March this year, a total of 14 times through the Groupon to carry out the activities of the group buying in Meredith. This brings a lot of new customers to the company. Boggess said that in July 2010 the company orders more than this

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