Mobile payment technology is still the key to holding the pipa

said that if the mobile payment is a symbol of high-tech level of a country, so our country from behind the mobile payment and IT technology in our country lags behind Europe and the United States as the gap is so obvious, though it feels a mobile payment we can not spread it is because our country netizen the wisdom of the people is not open, the mobile payment did not understand, even if there is this technology, it is not popular, but this is more like a high-tech personnel fig leaf, but actually an advanced technology as long as the safety and ease of use can guarantee the convenient form of payment, who do not want to use


mobile payment industry bustling, safety has become the soft underbelly of


mobile payment this piece of cake attracted many industry heavyweights, China Unicom, telecom, mobile three giants thought, want to pay for this one points a piece on the move, and the four big banks will naturally not wait for another peripheral enterprises under the banner of mobile payment is also on the idea, started a mobile pay, but unfortunately I want a mobile payment company to engage in, basically difficult to achieve, after all, this will involve mobile technology, mobile internet protocol, etc.. Similar telecom operators of mobile Internet technology, but no bank operating license, and the four big banks have the license has become the bottleneck of safety technology, coupled with various mobile intelligent terminal is a gap at present is difficult to solve the princes.

many users said that although there are eager expectations for mobile security, but because most also can only make small payments through mobile payment platform for large payment, or dare not make payments via mobile phone, mobile phone after all crack passwords, and mobile phone system virus began to spread, and mobile security plug-in platform the relatively lags behind, which is obviously not able to support large payment.

industry norms are being formed, practical technology is the way out

Japan to engage in mobile phone payment has been for many years, can be said to have been popular, and the United States on the mobile phone payment to Japan is somewhat belatedly, but with the ability of leading technology, only took three years to complete the 120 million Internet users started using mobile Internet, basically is about half of American netizen, this result even more than Japan to promote mobile payment but also good, visible in the popularity of users, technology and security is the key.

so I really want in the field of mobile payments will continue to engage in mobile payment, mobile payment really wants to eat this cake, it can only proceed from the technical field, in the field of mobile related people together to seriously study, with mobile payment protocol standard, open interface, introducing advanced security technology, abandon the parochial prejudice, steadfast engage in technology is the key, rather than to find out the cause of the mobile payment into wisdom is not open, this is undoubtedly a pretext! By China do network original episode, please indicate the

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