Part of the express delivery fee rose three times the Spring Festival send timeliness delay

Spring Festival will rise every year, this year, once again staged in the courier industry. Recently, one of four links, SF and other domestic private courier companies have issued a notice, rhyme express announcement shows: from February 10th to 15 during the Spring Festival can provide receiving and delivery service, but Business Hours, service area and the price will be adjusted. Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, Huitong (four) have also said that the whole network of business outlets, but sending pieces have been changed, and the timeliness of delivery delay.

is about to start the Spring Festival mode of express delivery companies, each in the implementation of the pieces, the price has been adjusted, but the magnitude of each increase varies. Rhyme delivery to a responsible person said, because the rhyme is a franchise model, each branch area is an individual, and express situation in each area is different, therefore, the price charged with the rhyme during the Spring Festival, the headquarters can not across the board to all branch for a unified standard. Therefore, the headquarters can only be guaranteed during the Spring Festival as usual, take pieces, other aspects of the implementation of each branch.

SF customer service introduction, during the February 9th ~2 month 15 days of Spring Festival, SF express domestic express, each additional 10 yuan fee, the mainland to Hongkong express, each additional 15 yuan fee, while the provinces are now available to the (air / rail), special security within a specified time period is tentatively scheduled service.

Guangzhou Yuantong express in a certain area of the site manager, from the year twenty-nine to the seventh day, every single shipment price to at least 3 times higher than usual. Usually one from Guangzhou to Changsha courier charges 15 yuan during the Spring Festival, the first single price of 45 yuan, exceeding the first weight, the additional 45 yuan per catty heavy fee.

"First Financial Daily" reporter learned that, on the whole, the "four links one" during the Spring Festival closing price may be about 3 times the usual price. This is due to rising costs.

experience in previous years, the number of express during the Spring Festival is very small, less than one percent of the usual. In the full year under the rules of the industry, during the Spring Festival, each courier company will remain on duty. According to insiders, during the Spring Festival STO issued to the various branches of the post leaving index is 1/3; rhyme express is based on the proportion of 40 people to leave the team of 2 people ~3.

During the Spring Festival of

, the pay of the post courier according to the state provisions of the usual 3 times pay. Rhyme Guangzhou site responsible person said, during the Spring Festival, not only the courier salary is usually 3 times, because the express transport fee is usually several times, a car to send 10 express and send a car 40 express cost is not the same.

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