Pig CMS new micro electric wholesalers posture and several sultry


pig CMS micro electricity supplier in a few months before the wholesale function on the line. In particular, the supplier will own the goods on the wholesale market for wholesalers wholesalers selected, choose their own interest in the goods from the wholesale market, to form their own shops, and using the infinite level distribution will carry forward the cause. How many goods are sold by the wholesaler according to the wholesaler, and the profit is extracted from it. This week, the CMS has added a few more attractive new members, and each one has a very unique feature. (see my serious expression, please believe me)

1 deposit: wholesalers before wholesale supplier of goods, need to pay a deposit to the supplier (loyalty to the table Da ~). According to the number of goods sold by the wholesaler, the supplier deduct the cost from the margin. The function of the margin, that is, to protect the interests of suppliers, but also to promote more wholesalers to sell their goods. (as soon as possible to earn money back is not ~)

2 according to the purchase to deliver: fans in the wholesaler shop orders, suppliers can also receive order information. This time, the supplier began to prepare for the packaging will be sent to fans. Fans in the wholesaler to buy one, the supplier will send a. Wholesalers do not have to worry about the delivery of trivia, selling goods as a whole; and suppliers do not have to worry about the promotion and sale of goods, attention to orders can be shipped. Each of the two roles have focused, clear division of labor, so that the micro electricity supplier business easier. Because if the wholesalers chose not to deposit a conservative attitude, so the supplier can also allow wholesalers in the sale of goods, pay part of the deposit, the supplier will immediately receive the money after delivery of fans. It can not only ensure the cost of the supplier, but also avoid the loss of the goods.

3 select the designated wholesalers: suppliers can choose the designated wholesalers to wholesale their goods. Simple to understand is that you look at me, you are a good character, my home on the wholesale goods you. And then suppliers and wholesalers from hand to hand to live happily together ~ ~) the function for the supplier selection of high-quality wholesalers to provide a lot of space, is conducive to the stable development of their own electricity supplier business.

4 specifies a wholesaler for a particular product: the supplier may assign a specific product to the wholesaler for wholesale distribution. For example, this box of red Fuji classic section, I see that guy qualification is good, give him a certain business wholesale. And then suppliers and wholesalers from hand to hand in a happy life together ~) flexible product wholesale function, so that the management and operation of the supplier more efficient. (author: Piglet CMS micro signal: pigcms)

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