Ali Zhang Jianfeng audibles rivals WeChat faces aging risk Jingdong proprietary models have no way

is responsible for Zhang Jianfeng in the Alibaba Chinese retail platform (name for epilepsy), O2O must have the standard uniform, such as the U.S. group, from the group purchase into financial companies selling vouchers "; and the development of" Internet plus ", the important thing is that the addition would ever be given to the original the industry bring new changes and opportunities. As for Jingdong, it is Ali’s high imitation".


is a hot topic this year is "O2O" and "Internet plus", combined with the line, the line of traditional industries should be combined with the Internet, so as to be able to bring hope and innovation. The person in charge of Zhang Jianfeng in the Alibaba China retail platform (name for epilepsy), O2O must have the standard uniform, such as the U.S. group, from the Department of development into "group purchase vouchers to sell financial companies"; and the development of "Internet plus", this is actually an important addition can give the original industry bring new changes and opportunities, such as taxi software, taxis and passengers to solve this problem.

Zhang Jianfeng recently delivered a speech at ceibs. The first is "O2O" and "Internet plus" expressed their views, emphasizing the importance of high quality content on the electricity supplier, but also did not forget to comment on other Internet Co: beauty is a financial company; WeChat face aging risk. Jingdong is considered to be in the high imitation Ali, its proprietary mode of electricity providers can not bear the huge trading volume and trading volume in the future. Finally, through the comparison of China and the United States, it is explained that only in China has Taobao model.

Zhang Jianfeng in 2004 to join the Alibaba, starting from Taobao Technology Department architect, after taking over as vice president of Taobao and other positions, but also one of the partners Alibaba group. 2015 served as the head of Alibaba China retail platform. Watching the attention problem of fake, in March this year has released relentless: let the bad businesses go bankrupt.

in this speech, Zhang Jianfeng mainly discusses the following five questions:

first, O2O: only the complex items standardized, in order to become a competitive company.

For example,

beauty group, had to do what business are selling, group purchase, the cost is too high, sell vouchers now become a financial company, is no longer an O2O company. The benefits of standardization, the previous model can not go on for long.

second, "Internet plus" have business opportunities.

, for example, now popular taxi software drops taxi, fast taxi, is really a wireless technology as a way to solve the problem of asymmetric information, which will really subvert an industry. Movie tickets is also the case, combined with the electric line to improve the efficiency of the tourism industry can also be.

third, the Internet is the most important content of high quality.

high quality content for the next phase

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