The future of the physical supermarket will disappear the impact of traditional retail electricity s

Spring Festival is approaching, but also to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival time, relatively strong in this period of time the purchasing power of the public, of course, the most common place to go is the supermarket. For example: WAL-MART, RT mart, century Hualian Supermarket and other retail sector entities. Traditional supermarket industry has also been the impact of the electricity supplier, of course, mainly Taobao and Jingdong two business platform. Supermarket has been the foundation of the common people shopping, but now on the Internet to buy daily necessities are also very much. The advantages of online shopping is convenient and cheap, and young consumers are more accustomed to online shopping.


supermarket has electricity supplier can not change the trend, if you still continue to follow the beaten track, then a few years later estimated that many small supermarkets will collapse. The more he can buy any daily necessities, including toothpaste, washbasin, washing clothes and other small things. The only problem lies in the speed of the courier, the current general courier companies need 2-3 days to deliver the goods to the buyer. But the Jingdong express very awesome, usually the next day you can receive the goods, because the Jingdong has its own logistics company. The logistics company Taobao mess, especially small courier companies more, service attitude and delivery speed can not keep up.

but the supermarket to do electricity providers have to face some problems. First of all, the supermarket service is usually around the community, we can not take a taxi near the supermarket shopping, so if the Darunfa supermarket brand to do business, so the chain must be closed around the store, or the supermarket business would not have much practical significance. Then, we must set up their own logistics institutions in each city, in fact, it is equivalent to the warehouse, the user orders on the site, and then to the fastest delivery. Finally, the supermarket order quantity is very large, how can we guarantee the speed of logistics, a user to buy a toothbrush is also to send a special, so the cost of the courier is very high.

supermarket electricity supplier and Taobao will become the most intense competition, many of the goods on Taobao are daily consumer goods. This is seriously repeated with the supermarket, what is going to buy Taobao, or choose the supermarket business platform it may take into account the home life is cheap and affordable, especially daily necessities. It will compare two price gap, but can not buy a bag of washing powder but also it is not just the postage. And businesses can’t afford the postage, so only a plurality of products packaged for sale, for example: 4 toothpaste to sell together, so that you can mail bag.

electricity supplier impact on the retail industry, is a threat to those common supplies, and those who emphasize the user experience is particularly difficult to affect the industry. For example: high-end home industry, when consumers go to buy, under normal circumstances will certainly look at, and how to better with. It is difficult to have a more intuitive impression on the Internet, so the industry will also exist for such a long time.

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