For those who think of Taobao as a profession it’s better to quit than to enter

Taobao has changed, making us these old anxious and helpless but persistent sellers; Taobao changed overnight, diamond shops and even crown stores in Taobao mall merchants light become vulnerable groups on the Internet; Taobao has changed, become like a fiery young caprice, inconstant in policy. Taobao mall sellers, is a step size of C were looted many years of painstaking efforts to cultivate out of the market, while Taobao will sell resources to the mall, vertical platform seller, the seller to pay the tilt train. Many people have trained shops, train baby, some light is right down, heavy is closing titles, personal store business environment two or three years ago deteriorated significantly. A lot of shopkeeper confused, wandering is not, I will be here more than and 10 hours a day in front of the computer to the C2C shop, if not destined to grow. At this time the withdrawal is often greater than the original choice to enter the courage, the author of this article will tell you out of the 3 reasons.

1 there is no such thing as a free lunch.

a lot of people had to do Taobao, is directed at how Taobao free, how to help you start the business, Ma Yun also said that Taobao will not charge for many years in the future. However, the actual situation, the opening of the shop 30 yuan a month, quantum statistics of $10 per month, consumer protection at least a deposit of 1000 (Taobao has joined the majority of shops), as well as senior Wang shop, image space, etc.. Taobao had promised free, is a strategic need, in order to compete with eBay, Taobao rely on free strategy quickly occupied more than 80% of the C2C market. In fact, this is a typical path of development of the Internet, relying on free strategy to occupy the market, win the user, until the market share is high enough to provide charging services. Baidu and Tencent. In addition, Taobao in the past has been a loss of business, can only rely on the injection of Alibaba to maintain, when Taobao developed to a single big time, the ability to achieve profitability through the collection of fees. With respect to the proliferation of fakes and unprofitable dragons and fishes jumbled together, C2C sellers, Taobao love B2C sellers, so with the big company, big brand cooperation to enhance its image, change their traditional impression as fake distribution market. Secondly, through the charge commissions, stationed in the mall to achieve large-scale cost profit, for the future to pave the way for the listing. From the recent Taobao has introduced electric city shoe and the future may continue to introduce the clothing of the city, Home Furnishing City, Taobao has a taste of B2C, the process of conversion from C to Taobao B seems to go farther and farther.

2 sponsor can not feel alarmed, wings or solo.

in Taobao for more than three years, but also know a lot of friends to do Taobao. From talking to them that every time Taobao rules change on the death of a group of sellers. Indeed, you live in another platform, you have to follow his rules, the last 7.8 events make so many shops raise a Babel of criticism of a sudden traffic decreased more than 50%. Taobao explained that it is to allow small and medium buyers to have more opportunities to display

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