Business treasure those pit pit send have millions of sales

2015, Taobao double eleven to create a historic achievement. In 2015, twelve, has gradually entered the countdown. Full channel electricity supplier electricity supplier company announced joint Bao street, Amoy and crazy dream as Taobao launched the "shuangshier seller Carnival" strategic cooperation, comprehensive help sellers clearance double eleven, twelve to admission, in the "double 12" single day orders broken million.

just over the past eleven years, the electricity supplier treasure teamed up to build a platform for the world’s largest seller of the seller’s history of the first time, the seller of the eleven double investment will be a huge response to the 1 million sellers. Business treasure in "shuangshier" respectively in the street, as before, Taobao launched the "crazy dream Amoy seller twelve Carnival" projects, namely for the seller to provide "free – pit", "Pro search rules", "full channel sellers intelligent software" is defined as the seller can obtain 10 million platform flow and to promote the search before and after the adjustment plan changes and the value of millions of all confidential secret channel category intelligent store management tools. "Shuangshier sellers Carnival" will be truly double eleven after rapid clearance, twelve joint multi seller for admission. It is understood that this event will help to wash the 2 million channels inside and outside the seller.

"Internet plus" baptism, the auxiliary seller’s strategic plan full integration of three party business treasure resources will launch a substantial increase in sales for the seller, the seller in twelve overtaking acceleration. Optimistic forecasts, in this year’s "shuangshier" before, to provide 1 million orders for the seller, the highest single day sales can be accumulated to reach 100 million yuan, twelve day pit will double the colleagues to refresh the data above. Through the cooperation with the clear street, fantasy Amoy, crazy Taobao three strategic partners, double the day is expected to give thousands of sellers to achieve the impact of millions of orders dream of.

"business treasure" as a pioneer in the electricity supplier channels, the integration of the electricity supplier in multi channel multi class resource, for the seller for twelve. At the same time, other electricity providers princes of "double 12" also look at fiercely as a tiger does. The number of sellers in the business of treasure has reached 150 thousand users and Taobao, Tmall,, Jingdong, said the beautiful, micro stores 16 appliance business platform through the whole channel shop shop, unified management of financial and operating data of the single batch play avant-garde and convenient service.

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