Vendors start B2C website manufacturers direct supply

despite the careful development of e-commerce channels, but this irreversible trend has made many home appliance manufacturers plan to increase the proportion of online sales this year to 10% of annual sales.

China in home appliance retail market, Jingdong mall, century electric network, a new seven day electrical net sales, Newegg has a certain reputation and influence in the country’s B2C website has appeared on the B2C website, home appliance supplier delivery model, have in the past few years, "refuse" to "through indirect agents cooperation, even to this year’s" factory direct supply". These are enough to let the United States, Suning and other appliances Dalian lock height.

higher than 10%

this year, from the home appliance chain on the hostile attitude of the B2C site can be seen B2C site is really fierce momentum.

A person in charge of SKYWORTH

CBN to the reporter, because the selling price of the B2C website are significantly lower than Gome, Suning, Gome, Suning this year called SKYWORTH, the appliance manufacturers shall supply requirements of the B2C website.

however, in the face of such a wide range of business opportunities, household appliance enterprises can not comply with the United States, Suning’s ban order". SKYWORTH official admitted that in Beijing, Shanghai and other markets, SKYWORTH network sales plan this year to 10% of total sales.

"do not hang in a tree" is a large home appliance supplier for all potential attitude of Dalian home appliance chain channels, channel diversification has become a supplier of home appliances sales strategy.

"in the last year, in cooperation with B2C website business, Changhong headquarters never involved, for example, some regional branch of Changhong to give some of the local B2C site or B2C site to supply Changhong regional agents in the procurement of goods." Changhong multimedia marketing company’s new business development minister Qiu Xiaobin told the CBN, but from the beginning of the second half of last year, some of the B2C site to Changhong headquarters and nationwide influential "headquarters docking" cooperation, began to sign the "factory direct orders", the real scale breakthrough network marketing.

Hisense Beijing branch general manager Song Haiyan said, because of home appliances online sales grew faster than expected, so Hisense Beijing branch network this year’s sales accounted for more than 10% goals.

two benefits

risked offending the danger of Gome, Suning, there are more and more large-scale home appliance suppliers and B2C cooperation, and have the two sides headquarters signed a "docking" model factory direct orders".

The new

seven days direct electrical network relevant responsible person said, since last year, the site has with SKYWORTH, Changhong, TCL, Konka, Hisense, Haier six major domestic color TV giants signed a direct supply agreement, in order to get lower purchase price and abundant supply of goods.


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