1 shop merchant accused of selling fake millet phone has been frozen

millet company confirmed that the dealer has not authorized the sale of 1 shops have frozen and investigate

shop in the store after the purchase of millet phone 1, the public Mr. Fu found himself being fake pits, but adults have not been a few months to get a false one compensate three compensation. Millet technology limited liability company confirmed that Mr. Fu bought the mobile phone with the invoice for false distribution, third party sellers without official authorization. 1 shop, said the business has been frozen and investigate.

buy fake phone has not lost

in April of this year, Mr. paid in Wuxi on the way to lose his cell phone, and millet net goods, so through the 1 shop ordered a millet phone 3. The use of the process, he found that the phone can not be properly charged, through the millet network test true, show three packages on the certificate of security code has been printed on the third query. Mr. Fu told the Beijing morning news reporter, June to millet customer service service maintenance, engineers can say this machine is fake ". He produced a signed millet technology limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the "millet") identification of the book said, "for the fake millet mobile phone registered trademark products", another Haidian industrial and commercial bureau of Commerce and industry of the Qinghe also wrote that, shop No. 1, third party sellers selling fake Mobile phone, and use invoices to deceive a consumer product and purchase the identity and discrepancy.

to pay Mr. Zaoxin for more than four months, the two documents to help him from the seller "Huang Kun digital shops (Huang Kun") and shop No. 1 "fake a compensable three compensation. "It is selling fakes, but businesses to return, and to return the mobile phone to give a refund." Mr. Fu said.

Reporters call the

had contact with Mr. Fu Huang Kun staff Mr. Li, the other said: "the customer bought two months after the mobile phone said there are problems in quality, have proved, but we use the invoice to check for the serial number and delivery is not the same." But this, he refused to provide evidence, "we order from the official website of millet and then sell the invoice, random rationing customers, so there is no mobile phone serial number and other information note what is universal".

1 shop has frozen merchant

Beijing morning news reporter found, currently at 1 store official website has not find the shop, shop No. 1 responsible person explained that due to the recent of the investigation, Huang Kun was temporarily frozen, it can not engage in business. At present, businesses and consumers dispute on key issues, according to existing evidence, is still unable to identify business and selling. I understand that the business has a millet authorization, authorized to operate it in the 1 shop platform brand, but for some reason, it is now unable to disclose business information, contact information and authorization documents." The responsible person stressed that, shop No. 1 in the qualification examination, promotion norms, daily transactions and customer service in the process of implementation of strict supervision, will be for each category seller store frequently checks, if businesses are found the existence of fake goods against the user rights and other acts, will be repaying and take the initiative to transfer administrative organs to investigate.

millet rights

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