Chinese nternet users only 10% of the world’s leading mobile payment refused

August 1st news, recently, PayPal distributed in 15 countries around the world on the 15000 users of money, time, technology and other related topics to investigate the feelings. The survey results show that most users around the world have that technology will drive change, all things will become more convenient and fast, China Unicom will also, giving users more options and opportunities for development.

open online shopping attitude

learned billion state power network, more than 72% of respondents believe that the charm of online shopping is to a large extent it can be removed from the long waiting time for people to bring in the store consumption. In addition, let the bank card stuffed with cash, coins and coins completely invisible, but also to attract people to shop online and choose an important reason for online payment.

survey, 78% of respondents believe that online payment convenient, online shopping has been integrated into their daily lives. At the same time, the global consumer cross-border online shopping is not unfamiliar, 67% of respondents have experienced the fun of cross-border online shopping.

in the field of mobile payments, 1/5 of the world’s consumers tend to use mobile devices to make payments easier. Relative to the United States, Germany and other e-commerce developed countries consumers, China, Brazil, Russia and other emerging cross-border e-commerce country consumers tend to use mobile devices to buy and pay.

China online shopping popular

PayPal pointed out that in this survey, consumers in emerging markets also showed enthusiasm for online shopping. Among them, the Chinese consumer enthusiasm for online shopping ahead of the rest of the world.

According to

billion state power network to understand, consumers online shopping habits and daily China warmly. Compared with other regions of the world leading, their average weekly spend in online shopping time of 387 minutes, than the average weekly global market for more than 202 minutes more than 3 hours. At the same time, the online payment through mobile devices, the use of frequency China consumer acceptance and also the way ahead – only 10% of consumers said Chinese not to conduct online transactions using mobile devices, while the global average rejection rate was 42%.

online shopping concerns

the majority of respondents agree that the choice of online shopping can save a lot of time for people, the time can be used for leisure and entertainment, can be used alone or thinking, which can be used for physical exercise, but also can be used with family and friends, in their love activities.

in spite of this, many respondents still have concerns about online shopping. 93% of respondents believe that at least one factor will make them hesitate to online shopping. 62% of the respondents said, "fear of fraud" is their first concern, especially in cross-border online shopping, consumers worry about my bank and payment information may be leaked, goods may not be served "," product quality is difficult to ensure that "etc.. Other concerns include "no"

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