2013 control the explosion of sanctions artificially manufactured high sales model

March 13th news, according to informed sources revealed to the only product show, Taobao search rules and principles is a series of changes, especially in 2013, is no longer recommended explosion of economic model. Taobao said that Taobao search is best able to do service to 10 million people, but first for the seller, and then let the seller to serve the buyer 6 million.

according to sources, in 2013 when Taobao search, you can search the name @ + want direct access to want to store. Window features are also recommended to be more detailed, but also to make the difference between the price to help sellers get more accurate and meaningful traffic.

and Taobao will no longer recommend the explosion of the competitive model, the store’s ability to make the baby will be in the forefront of the search. Store comprehensive ability will increase the weight in the search. And in the future Taobao search products in the standard and non-standard search principle is not the same. Non standard product categories, in the subsequent search may break a single product model, so as to resume the store brand for the purpose of the new model. As far as possible to provide consumers with a variety of ways to buy. According to informed sources also said that Taobao hopes to sell the standard classification of the seller to do more, you can give full play to the supply chain stores.

sources also revealed that the number of Taobao’s 30 day sales will greatly reduce the weight of the rankings, but the weight of the sales volume will increase the number of days 7. It will make the scale promotion arising out of the explosion in the stop after promotion, if sales decreased, baby ranking will fall, and continued to decline, and those who rely on low prices to build out of the explosion, and then raise the price of the sale, sales of the weight will be greatly reduced. So by artificially created out of the explosion of the model will not continue to be ranked.

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