Biography Tmall international settled intime double 11 brush brush cross border electricity supplier

sources, Tmall international has started planning line under the experience store or supermarket, let this business can make use of cross-border electricity line retail channels to attract more users and enhance user confidence in the purchase.


connection, billion state power network for confirmation to the official Tmall. Tmall international confirmed that during the 11 joint intime, combined with the advantages of the resources of the two sides of the line layout of the business, but the specific planning and practice to be announced.

cross-border +O2O, two popular concept with brush sense of presence, innovation ability, can only be questioned losing capital acquisition show muscle wielding mad Alibaba, this time really appropriate to define the new trend of the electricity supplier



5 billion 370 million intime originally used this way?

a person familiar with intime business sources, Tmall international plans to open a shop in the West intime. West intime group is to build a cross-border electricity supplier platform, Hangzhou is the first bonded imported goods center. At the end of June this year, the first line of the West intime store opened in intime department store, second stores will be opened in early September, Yu Ningbo. At the end of July, intime Xixuan online in Tmall international and ICBC financial E purchase platform.

According to

billion state power network to understand, supermarket 70% Xixuan goods for customs import goods, consumers can directly purchase orders in the field of delivery; 30% for overseas cross-border imports, Xixuan samples for your display shelves look like samples, consumers can purchase through the two-dimensional code scanning link to intime network, through the logistics delivery.

(pictured intime West selected stores)

sources said, Tmall international line shop will be mainly engaged in maternal and child products, cosmetics and other categories. Because the state models of cross-border electricity supplier must enjoy tax concessions, but the sale of goods at present are not allowed to enter the line retail channels, so Tmall will put the international line shop as commodities overseas line display platform. Users to buy goods, you can order in the store, then the merchant will be sent to the user from the bonded area. "The user on the same day at 12 in the morning, the day can be arrived; after the order of 12 points, the next day can be served."

in the west at the beginning, once insiders pointed out that the West intime significance and value of the largest supermarket is not the size and speed the pace of expansion of sales, but because it is a way for Ali and intime global purchase. West supermarket is just the first step in the internationalization of Alibaba O2O and do retail endorsements through intime, Ali line of natural infiltration into the line store."

it is understood that Alibaba and its Tmall has started the layout of the line. At the end of March 2014, the Alibaba announced on strategic investment intime business to 5 billion 370 million Hong Kong dollars. August 2015, Ali strategic investment of about 28 billion 300 million yuan Suning, became the first

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