Suning hand Barcelona shares rose trap insider news leaked dispute

Rachel group WeChat "leak" has not yet subsided, Su ningyun ahead of micro-blog executives "spoilers" staged in A shares.

June 9th, the early fall of Su ningyun afternoon opening pulled up sharply, as of the close, rose 7.11% to 7.53 yuan / share.

In June 9th

11:06, vice president, Su ningyun operations headquarters CEO Li Bin in his micro-blog account message said that football should not be the rich and the minority game, a lot of investment not only for making Pyramid sports a small tip; Suning coming out, or will become the next Chinese football a big step, see you on Wednesday". Micro-blog will interpret the content of the market for the Su Ningyun business on Wednesday will be a major release of information about football."

the day after the opening, the media published reports, received the invitation to the meeting content display, June 11th, Suning outdoor sports strategy and Barcelona Associated Media briefing will be held the opportunity. Since then, the trend of the stock all the way up.

insiders questioned the aforementioned move or suspected of leaking insider information.

in the afternoon, Su Ningyun business secretaries office to verify the situation after the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said, do not pay too much attention, we told them (Barcelona) had a strategic cooperation."

when a reporter asked whether the disclosure of insider information, the source said, this is just a matter of business level, did not rise to this level".

17:38 on the 9 day, Li Bin once again released micro-blog said, "Suning Barcelona as China district official partners, we will be including the campus football fans positions, publicity and other areas of cooperation and support of Barcelona, Chinese football. also has a new line on the category, the goal is to let all the fans, including the universal can more widely participate in and enjoy sports. For details, please refer to the press conference on Wednesday."

insider information disclosure dispute

as of June 9th closing, Su ningyun rose 7.11%, the highest increase of more than 8%, volume 241 million shares, turnover amounted to 1 billion 776 million yuan.

institutions and hot money are actively involved. June 9th, Su ningyun charts show, buy the first list organization dedicated seats for the agency to buy 35 million 117 thousand and 800 yuan. CIC securities Shanghai Yokohama Road business department also buying and selling among the third list, were bought 22 million 586 thousand and 600 yuan, sold 25 million 168 thousand and 500 yuan. CITIC Securities, the two business department appeared to buy a list of second, another business department is in the top selling list of second.

capital and social media stir redubujian. As of press time reporter, Li Bin forwarded above the number of micro-blog has more than 1100, more than 200 comments. Many commentators have mentioned that the content of the alleged micro-blog letter Phi violation insider information disclosure, etc..

there is a relatively large insider information leaked suspects, alleged violations

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