Eight foreign intellectual property cross border electricity to protect their vital

in recent years, cross-border electricity supplier more and more fire, but most people ignore the cross-border transactions — "a vital international trademark". Eight foreign intellectual property professionals, said the cross-border electricity supplier, the importance of international brands and even more than the product itself.


no international trademark, what open market


in the United States, Canada and the European Union and other countries and regions as an example, the intellectual property management is very strict, the infringing goods are extremely difficult to enter, let alone make a move towards the market. In view of this, the current number of multinational companies to enter the domestic leading platform, such as Tmall international, Jingdong global purchase, most of the international trademark requirements. As the trademark has geographical restrictions, the domestic trademark failure, the product to the world, it is necessary to register the international trademark.


of course, in addition to successfully settled cross-border electronic business platform, enter the international market, advance international trademark registration is more important to protect the brand effect, avoid infringement or malicious cybersquatting, resulting in brand image and business interests. "Hisense" is a living negative textbook. SIEMENS company in Germany registered trademark "HiSense" and Hisense’s "Hisense" trademark only the letter "S" case sensitive. But this is a little different, leading to Hisense "Mingmen" SIEMENS was caught, to enter the European market step by step by. If Hisense a few years ago the first in Germany to sign the trademark down, how can there be trouble behind?

eight foreign intellectual property: cross-border electricity supplier how to protect their vital


before entering the international market, the first international brand layout, to prevent future trouble. But the current international trademark registration process is very cumbersome, ordinary businesses in the face of a large number of application documents and terms are often no place to start, the best choice is to entrust the professional foreign intellectual property agency, once and for all.


pig eight quit China headquarters building

it is understood that eight quit foreign intellectual property rights by the United States is a branch of the official operating a global market for intellectual property services platform, in China, the United States, Canada have offices. Mainly related to the international trademark registration, trademark dismissed the review, renewal of trademark and other services, and provide value-added services, express registration guarantee registration humanization. In addition to the support of online free inquiry, a single key, the whole process of professional guidance, but also launched the international trademark registration, the successful return of the whole paragraph, the registration of the failure to return all costs, without any loss. With billions of valuation zhubajie.com strength and integrity protection, eight foreign intellectual property service team with high professional standards and quality service to win the Rainie, fasvgo and other international brands of trust, to make efforts for the protection of cross-border electricity "Mingmen".


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