Taobao mall event tracking Ma announced 1 billion 800 million support sellers

the afternoon of October 17th, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma emergency from the United States to fly back to Hangzhou, met with the national mainstream media Taobao clarification. Ma Yun also announced a high-profile, Ali group will add a huge amount of money 1 billion 800 million yuan, to support Taobao mall sellers, together to create online benchmarking of high quality "elysees".

has not yet recovered from the transoceanic flight Ma yesterday looked very tired, communication has also repeatedly expressed the meaning of retirement. But Ma told reporters: I am not a person to give up easily, I will be stronger Vietnam war." Taobao platform for me, is not a right, but a responsibility. Since it is done, we must insist on doing a good job."

Ma refute "burn the bridge after crossing it" said

yesterday in the interview scene, Ma one by one to refute the so-called Taobao mall service fee "is to raise the threshold for the rumors of the burn the bridge after crossing it or even buy YAHOO do cash:" some people say that Alibaba do not understand small businesses, small businesses do not pay attention to the life and death. I would like to ask, there is a company which country or which institutions can stand up and say that we know more about small businesses than we can directly understand the status quo and problems of small business development. The 12 years of development, the development of Alibaba and small business China woe, me proud! "


operation for nine years, Taobao still adhere to the strategy of free shop, we never expect to make money on the Taobao mall, but we require all businesses must ensure that the overall quality of this platform, an important basis to make money is that all businesses must be able to provide consumers with quality products and services.

Ma Yun said that Taobao has grown so far, for Ali, it is a responsibility. Taobao annual operating costs alone more than 7 billion. Taobao platform this year, the transaction size will reach 600 billion yuan, cultivate more than 8 million of the business, the annual direct and indirect to provide employment opportunities for 2 million. If one day is closed, even if it is shut down one day, it will be unbearable to contemplate. So we have to take all measures to ensure quality, which is the original intention to improve the quality threshold Taobao mall."

Taobao mall update support measures

for the mall after the controversial new regulations, Taobao mall announced yesterday on the mall signing business update support measures, including the October 10th this year has been in the Taobao mall operating businesses, if the business shop customer satisfaction rankings in 10%, during the period from January 1, 2012 to September 30th, according to the original rules of businesses to pay an annual fee (translated by the number of months), then in accordance with the new rules to pay, but the amount paid and the monthly return conditions are equivalent.

in order to ensure the quality of goods and services unchanged, Taobao mall will be an additional 1 billion yuan to support businesses make up half of the deposit, which is only half of new businesses have to pay under the standard operating margin, the rest by the Taobao mall complement. This sum of money

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