That sort of violence related to replace Shentong outlets responsible


November 12, 2012, Jiangsu, Nantong, the company’s employees busy distribution, delivery of express mail. Figure /CFP

Beijing News (reporter Su Manli) in January 4th after the media exposure to violence sorting, Shanghai postal authority interviewed the Shanghai STO company. STO vice president Jin Renchun yesterday in an interview with Beijing News reporter also for the first time to respond to the matter. He said that part of the network of the existence of violence sorting, exposure of the Beijing sub branch official has been replaced.

Shen submitted self-examination rectification report

after CCTV reported, a sorting center located in the village of Beijing STO horse in the unloading and sorting free throw express, sorting workers will from time to time from the belt across his mail, mail and threw it across the basket. In the sorting center, from the truck to the sorting, then to scan the library, an express mail to go through at least three times thrown.

"the existence of such a problem, see the report after the company attaches great importance to and has been interviewed in Beijing, demanding a thorough investigation, rectification." Jin Renchun said.

January 4th, Shanghai Post Bureau interviewed the Shanghai STO company, reiterated the relevant legal provisions and legal responsibility, strengthen the management of the company warned, operating in strict accordance with the law. On the same day, Shen submitted to the State Post Bureau of self-examination and rectification report.

STO is the boss of online shopping express, the market share of more than 25%, but had repeatedly been violent sorting out. Last year the double 11 period, Guangdong media exposure, STO in Guangzhou a parcel delivery station, throw indiscriminately on "fragile", in 2011 the City Express reported Xi’an Yuantong sort of violence, sort of violence has become the industry ills.

a courier industry sources told reporters that the current China express industry is price competition, now the industry average profit rate is 3%-8%, a city 7, 8 dollars, courier companies can only earn 5 cents, now the whole industry is to win by volume. But due to the cost of the reasons, the courier company did not improve the level of mechanization of distribution, are handled with manpower, violence is inevitable sorting. Another reason is that private express is a franchise model, multi link, subcontract management chain, increase the difficulty of monitoring control difference.

violence sorting deposit regulatory gaps

but there are still no clear penalties for violence sorting. In May 1st last year, the implementation of the national standards for courier services, had on the civilized sorting made detailed requirements, but if the enterprise does not implement this standard, there is no clear provision to deal with.

express to strengthen market management, protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, the Ministry of transport has been considered by the "express market management approach (Trial draft)". But how to prevent and punish courier companies violent sorting also does not require. > >

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