Car easy to shoot back to the end of the B business products fast iteration also want to play live

"now every family is very nervous, do not take the initiative to speak." A well-known second-hand car electricity supplier company insiders told the media.

car easy to shoot is one of them.

The car is easy to shoot

employee told billion state power network, after Yang Xuejian CEO as the company’s decision to cut around the branch, has once again entered a state of busy work. She has been closely following the product and business, the current product and business direction has been clear."

According to

billion state power network to understand, the car is easy to shoot the day before the update and a mobile terminal products, the new version of the opening number of car dealers bid, increase the live video car, to achieve a key binding bank card payment. In fact, our products at least two times a month iteration." Car easy to shoot employees.


left the car easy to shoot the ordinary version of the car is easy to shoot merchant version

According to reports, the car is easy to shoot in the model focused on the 2B, the service of the customer base is also concentrated in the car dealers and B1 (B1: 4S shop manufacturers, B2:

) car source aspects. In terms of profitability, the car is easy to insist on charging car charging service fees of 3%, its financial, insurance products are also in succession to improve.

Yang Xuejian has announced that the car is easy to shoot the next step is to optimize the car dealer service capacity at the same time, build the second-hand car ecosystem, in the financial, quality assurance, extended warranty and service areas to help improve the ability to sell a car dealer.

the car is easy to shoot the employee of the company added: "the car is easy to shoot to do is actually very simple, we proposed a concept called business artifact, is to help car manufacturers to do business, it is how to let them get the car from the front to the rear, selling."

It is reported that

, in front of his car, the car is easy to shoot APP to launch a "cornucopia" products, car dealers landing a mobile terminal through the vehicle after subscription can be the first time you want to learn custom models.

at the same time, in order to improve the ability of the car to get the car, the car is easy to shoot the relevant financial services easy to pay the product. In the car easy to register a car dealer and a fixed place of operation, can apply for up to 3 million of the loan.

In order to solve the

online car dealers on car and doubt for the type of car, the car is easy to shoot on the basis of online 268V detection report added a live product, and to ensure that the car dealer can rest assured that online transactions,

in the back end of the car to sell the car, the car is easy to shoot through the transaction steward products for the car dealers to provide off-site transfer, logistics services. At the same time, with the formation of financial cooperation with all walks of life in different depths, the strong demand for the launch of the car business credit easy second loan products, providing loans to end users to provide services. Currently, the car is easy to shoot second loan has been launched in 9 cities nationwide service.

is reported that 315 of the negative impact of the incident on the car is easy to shoot, whether it is the reputation of the damaged or reduced business, it is clear that the used car marathon process >

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