Electronic business platform turned on the incubator Tmall over 50 companies to start PO program


squirrel, the United States, starry, Liebo, South Korea and other brands of commercial enterprises are listed to.


source: Vision China

when the electronic business platform into a listed company incubator look like? Perhaps Alibaba can answer this question.

April 26th, Tmall group’s Alibaba announced the establishment of the platform to help businesses listed office ", to build bridges between help businesses on the platform with the brokerage, exchange and other already listed or to be listed business enterprise brand. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 50 companies on the Tmall platform has started IPO plans.


group in late March received from platform ten enterprises joint proposal, "Alibaba" was set up to assist businesses listed group office ", actively coordinating the various departments of the two Ali, to help businesses prepare some information before listing. At the same time, hope this office was established, led to help these brand business enterprise, to communicate with the CSRC and the exchange, to assist the broker to complete the interview and data due diligence of the business, and with other already listed or to be listed business enterprise brand build communication channels."

the ten companies were three squirrels, Hui Mei, starry, Liebo, camel dress, Royal mud square, South Korea, and AFU, electric dog October mummy. Among them, the birth of the Amoy brand from Tmall accounted for the majority, many from the OEM to do its own brand businesses are reflected in the demand for capital operation.

According to the

Commission on the company to apply for listing requirements, brokers and accountants need to interview to Ali, check the related transactions of the enterprise; require the transfer of businesses and Ali platform during the reporting period, sales contract and operational data validation data need to be issued on the market position; Ali merchant in the Tmall verification etc..

smooth implementation of these processes is the premise of these Internet brands in the domestic capital market IPO. Thus, including the United States and the United States (owned by the man and other fashion brands) founder Fang Jianhua, founder of the three squirrels, including a number of brands, including the founder of the electricity supplier in March when the company jointly submitted a proposal to ali. This proposal is clearly played a role in Tmall began to intervene in the capital operation of the upstream industry chain.


help businesses listed office responsible person said to the reporter Gu Ying interface, Ali listed businesses attach great importance to the platform service demand, has related financial, legal, data security, the two corresponding business together; at the same time combing internal processes, everything becomes effective as soon as possible, to provide one-stop solutions for most businesses, to the most powerful support.

Gu Ying said at the same time, the brand electricity supplier companies listed Tmall is still in the learning stage. "We have set ourselves a rule, and if you ask us for a need, such as the need for an interview,"

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