E commerce in the first round of reshuffle Tootoo stop operation

another e-commerce business fell.

March 20th, Chinese first Nasdaq stock market Nine Network Technology Group Limited (NASDAQ:NINE) announced that, in view of the global economic downturn, decided to suspend its subsidiary Tootoo net (tootoo.com) business.

this is not the first domestic e-commerce business difficulties, at the end of last year, there have been several e-commerce companies to stop operating, and Tootoo is the fall of the "martyrs" in the most extensive one.

at the same time, Alibaba, business treasure, China manufacturing enterprise such as net domestic e-commerce industry first front, new foreign e-commerce such as Europe and MFG are Roper sniffing around business opportunities, there is no spy "hunters" may. "The electronic commerce industry is ushering in the first round of reshuffle, Analysys International analyst Cao Fei said.


9 group is expected this will enable the company to one-time writedowns of non cash assets of about 115 million yuan. NINETOWNS Tootoo net CEO Wang Shuangcheng: "has a serious impact on the continued deterioration of the global economy has Chinese import and export trade, if we continue to operate the Tootoo net investment period will be greatly extended."

9 group a middle March 24th told the newspaper, the second half of last year, Tootoo has ceased operations, all the staff have been disbanded, part of the shunt to nine group, part of the staff turnover. The middle had Shituo backbone of da.

Da network was established in May 2007, is the integration of 9 cities group in April of the same year, and acquisition of the bee network, then nine group CEO Wang Shuang developed B2G (business to government) and the total quality purchasing as the core concept of B2B business strategy search engine concept.

The establishment of

9 group in 1995 and listed in 2004, is a company focused on providing import and export industry software and Internet service providers. According to the official website of 9 cities respect: as of December 2006, nine group developed a network software products and related services, has been widely used in the national quality inspection system, the customs system, and more than 13 import and export enterprises, customs clearance services software product market share of nearly 90%, is Chinese import and export trade in Internet services leading enterprises.

holding nearly 13 10000 import and export enterprise resources, 9 cities group make costly to e-commerce. It has invested in the global market network, Chinese food network, in the last year, it had to buy the domestic textile and apparel industry’s largest e-commerce enterprises yeshitech, but the acquisition is not successful, yeshitech flowers "business treasure".

"in 2007, 9 cities group in the field of electronic commerce about" burning "of $300 million, to invest in a total of more than 500 million yuan, the former chairman of yeshitech Chen Xuejun told the newspaper, 9 cities group is an entrepreneurial company founded by Wang Shuang, Ren Xiaoguang and other natural persons, because.

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