World factory lead free e commerce platform for the new era

recently, in a new round of market boom, dating platform’s success in the United States market, attracted the domestic dating sites Jiayuan listed vision. According to the plan, the company has listed in the United States in May 11th, but the first day that fell 4.36%, prospects, dare not break on.

and networking platform is different, dating service object is an individual, but the electronic commerce platform service object is a large part of the enterprise, but have one thing in common, since the same platform is for the third party service website, there will be free of charge and the area, whether e-commerce platform should charge free? Such as Alibaba, HC, Chinese manufacturing network and other well-known platform is the ranks of the charges, they have the e-commerce platform to do very fine, very fine, if we want to imitate their mode of development, is unlikely to be successful? In this case, the world factory decided to create a brave e-commerce platform for new initiatives for free.

Discussion on profit model of

e-commerce platform

Alibaba, for example, although registered as a member of the site does not need to pay any fees, as long as the completion of some basic information can be completed. However, free to join, can only get a yellow page information display, if you want to build their own enterprise website, it must pay the membership fee. In contrast, the world factory can not only free to register to become a member, but as long as the enterprise information submitted and work through the audit staff, you can get a business website to show the company’s product information, enterprise culture, dynamic and so on, and all these operations are free. The author believes that the profit model of e-commerce platform mainly includes the following: first, the membership fee, the two is the wireless value-added services, followed by offline activities and online advertising. Need to mention that, due to the electronic business platform user orders the turnover rate is not high, the so-called pay does not necessarily bring benefits to the user so the renewal rate is not high, the development of e-commerce platform is also troubled by the problem.

world factory think free to truly serve the enterprise

the development of e-commerce in China, there are still problems in the development of e-commerce. Small and medium enterprises are subject to their own management level, capital and human resources and other factors, the development of e-commerce compared to large enterprises, obviously lagging behind. According to statistics, only about 9% of small and medium enterprises to implement e-commerce. In large enterprises, through e-commerce procurement, sales ratio has reached 30% and 27%, respectively.

if you want to help small and medium enterprises to carry out e-commerce development, we must take into account the management of small and medium enterprises, funds, personnel and other issues. Faced with this problem, the world factory launched a free enterprise website can get very good fusion to solve some problems, but also a school program, to help enterprise managers to improve staff management ability and enterprise to enhance their ability to work, I especially love the sales career and entrepreneurial story two columns, you can learn from here.

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